Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Angel Exterminatus – Book Review

As you can tell from my previous post I’m a bit of a Iron Warrior nut. I’ve been in love with Iron Warriors since the White Dwarf Index Astartes article back in 3rd edition. I built a large army of them and they managed to keep my attention consecutively for longer than any army has to date. So when I saw this book was being released I did a little jig. Even if it did include Fulgrim at least I was finally getting a book with my Primarch as the lead.
Then I found out it was only in hardback…..

Ok, that’s new to the Horus Heresy but it was bound to happen so I’m cool with that. Then it turned they had an E-book so that’s the direction I took. Anyway, onto the review:

Format: Meh

It was an Ebook. Not much to say here except that there wasn’t anything wrong with it J

Additional Content: D-

These pertain to the additional pictures that I’m sure were also included in the hardback. The art is pretty poor and placed at strange spots in the book. Overall not worth their price increase (for B.L., it’s not expensive for standard publishing releases).

The Actual Story: A-

Now I’m a bit of a Fan Boy for my legion obviously but it was actually a pretty good book. Fulgrim was pretty terrible to me. I just wasn’t a fan of the entire novel so I was a little leery of a book including Fulgrim possibly as much as Perturabo but it turned out to the good. The novel revolves primarily around Perturabo with an expansion on his character that is pretty solid as well as fleshing out the workings of his legion.

There are quite a few nods to the authors other works involving the Iron Warriors in the 41st millennia. People will recognize Kroger, Forrix, and the Warsmith from Storm of Iron. In fact there are quite a few points that act as a set-up to that novel which is interesting as it’s a different path than another author (Aaron D-B) decided to take. There are also some fun nods to the old index astartes article which is nice.

Overall it was a fun story. I’m not going to go into detail outside of what you can find online as I don’t want any spoilers but I do recommend it. Whether you wait for it in paperback or pick it up via trade novel or ebook give it a whirl.