Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lone Wolves – My Thoughts on Why and How….

I was asked over a 2 weeks ago to describe the role Lone Wolves play in my current Loganwing list and how I see their roll overall. I had been meaning to do this and it just got away from. Luckily I found the beginning of this article on this computer and can happily knock this out. Onto my thoughts!

General Disclaimer: My opinions are not the be all, end all of thoughts on 40k be it list building or strategy and opposing lines of thought are appreciated as it makes for better conversation.

That said let’s look at my superstar and favorite unit in the SW’s codex; the Lone Wolf. Now we’re going to start with the unit entry as a whole and then I’ll go into how I’ve slipped them into my lists over the two years.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rantings on Dark Eldar: Continuing the Xenos Surge

Hey folks! 

I always forget to write this at the end of articles, so up front it goes:  As always, we appreciate you clicking on ads!  Hulksmash tells me that your efforts might actually pay for our Adepticon Team Tournament next year.  I presume he’s talking about the entry fees, not plane tickets and lodgings and stuff – but anything that helps is help appreciated. J

The purpose of this article is to address what I see as some “myths” about Dark Eldar perpetrating the internet, often advanced by “listened-to” parties about Dark Eldar – things I find irritating, incorrect, unsubstantiated, or a mixture of all three.  I also intend to browbeat army-building techniques and advance my own agenda for how to formulate a cohesive army.  As always, advice I give is flavored with my competitive nature, so apply as needed. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ard Boyz Finals - Tyranids?

Well with the Ard Boyz Finals local I’ll actually be attending. And I’ve been itching lately to pull my bugs back out and go a stomping. This is just a ramped up version of my standard 2k list that I think I’d do pretty well with:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Pity The Guard – A 2,000pt. List

Been busier than I thought so this is another tied over while I finish a few deeper articles.

Based on my previous post I thought I’d throw out a list in the 2,000 range. I feel like it has a few more tools to use than the standard lists out there do though there is naturally room for improvement as this is a first draft. Here we go:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Pity the Guard! - Thoughts on Guard in the Current Environment

Well I said I was working on a few random articles and this is one of them. I’ve recently closed out the summer “season” of tournaments which included 3 GT’s that totaled 27 games, several RTT’s, and the Ard Boy Prelims/Semi’s. Oddly I’m not burned out on the hobby. I will say I’ve been looking at Fantasy as a way to change things up a bit but that’s beside the point.

The point of this article is that I’m starting to feel a little pity in my heart for the Guard players out there. Bear in mind this is purely off what I’ve run into and seen in events in Virginia, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Texas as well as lists I see being written up online on blogs and several forum communities. Some guard players still do very well for themselves but in general also aren’t posting their lists and aren’t taking the top spots in tournaments anymore(I said in general Mike since you’ve got 2 events coming upJ). Why aren’t we seeing IG in the top spots anymore? Why has their representation dropped (not back to pre-5th ed. codex levels but pretty close) so much?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gaming Update and a Yay for the Blog!

Blog first!

We hit 150 followers and we’re just short of a 150,000 page hits. It’s not huge but it’s a pretty solid start to the first year that still has a month to go. I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on the blog. I appreciate it! And thanks to Dash for bringing in not a low number of readers and subscribers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ard Boyz - Rockin the Orks!

I was going thru some of my models tonight and some of my models caught my eye. I've got a pretty awesome themed Ork army that's awaiting painting but is otherwise built and ready to rock. Here is something I think is rather nasty:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ard Boyz - My Wolves

Well just like normal I can't decide what the hell I want to run. But luckily for me I've got a ton of models and I'm thinking of running my Loganwing again. I've been running them pretty well so far and I think they have all the tools needed to deal with the armies out there. Here we go:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Draw of Xenos

Hey folks!

For those of you who read Black Library books, when is the last time you got to the end, and the Xenos won? Never you say? That’s what I thought. And I don’t mean pyrrhic victories or temporary advantages over the forces of the Imperium, I mean a full-on, all the humies are dead, we claim this world, the end. Ghazghkull may have had his way with Armageddon, but he still got driven off the planet by Yarrick. The Necrons in “Fall of Damnos” are virtually limitless, and Necron In-fighting causes them from winning. Where’s the novel written from the perspective of a Tyranid hive ship? Or the novella? One that contains something of the unstoppable force they’re floating across the galaxy with? Humanity doesn’t stand a chance in staying the dominant race in the galaxy, yet every book is an Imperium victory.

Ard Boyz - Blood Angels!

Here is another list I’ve been thinking of running based on the massed amounts of scoring units that are going to be required due to the scenarios. It’s a BA list which appeals to me based on their speed. Best part is, like my possible GK’s, I have all the models I would need J

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ard Boyz - Grey Knights Take 2!

After looking over my models and seeing what I had I think I like this a little more. It’s a tweak on the old list. Enjoy!

Ogres - Take 2

So I’ve made a few tweaks based on the previous feedback and this time around I’m also actually at 2,500 so my math isn’t horribly off J. I think this is a slightly more solid list that before however I did give up one ogre model to tweak it to this point. I’ll be taking this to a tourney this Sunday to give a whirl and try out fantasy so without further talking, here is the newest list:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ard Boyz Semi's - Grey Knight Super Spam!

It's Sunday, the wife is catching back up on her shows and I've finished building all the Ogre stuff I won yesterday at a RTT. I'll start painting it later this week but for now I'm playing with lists for the Ard Boyz Semi's this weekend. Turns out I managed to nab the last spot available at the most local semi's when I signed up yesterday which is good because driving seemed like a bummer. Here is super spam list that oddly might be able to compete in these missions assuming we don't roll KP's for the third mission.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dash of Ranting: Nova Invitational Against Stelek

Good day fine peoples of the 40k universe.

Hulksmash keeps me on a leash here (in jest at least, because I don’t flip out often). Then again, not being on Dakka and far away from stupid people probably helps me contain my fury.

At any rate, I wrote a bit about my game against Stelek in my Nova Invitational Review. I hadn't thought about it since, until today when someone linked me his battle report if we can even call it that.

Having read it, I'm truly affronted. Appreciative of his commentators that are affronted on my behalf at his sniping, but still affronted myself. So I thought I would address a few things.

First, I'm not writing this as a reply on YTTH because I'm not a member, don't want to have to subscribe to post something, and Stelek has a nasty habit of deleting things I've posted there in the past - the only posts I've made there being on nuances of DE and Ork gameplay.

Ogres - My First Try

Be ready, this is gonna be a long one. Well I'd pointed out recently that I might be getting back into Fantasy with the release of the Ogres new book. And here I am, back into Fantasy. I have to say it's the first army book that I think I can get most of what I want out of it. I've always liked Dark Elves too but Ogres are just to cool. Nothing like running around with giant 3-wound monsters as your basic troops.

Anyway I've picked up a few items for what I think might be the beginning of my competitive list. I had a ton of models from the first release that will only require some minor tweaking but I'll be adding about $240 worth of stuff to my army to get what I might like out of it.


I think Hulksmash may have jumped the gun on me - a 1/3 - 1/2 finished in-depth reply to the ridiculousness over at YTTH and Stelek's wishful thinking about our game was in the works. I saved it as a draft, and woke up this morning to find it published in it's unfinished state.

I deleted it; sorry if you commented on it and feel miffed to find it gone! It'll be back when it's finished. Bold, unyielding, blunt, and no-holds-barred.

Also, I use the word "shitpickle" at least twice.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The More You Know - Nova Edition

This is going to be an article to cover the glaring mistakes I made in my games at the Nova that led to my 9-5 record this year over the Nova weekend. I had a great weekend and almost all of my games were great against fun opponents. I’m going to preface the following with the fact that it was my mistakes that cost me all of my losses and had nothing to do with dice. Every situation I had where my dice weren’t so hot could have been mitigated if I hadn’t oopsied before the dice needed to be rolled.

I’ll include a brief rundown of the game I lost as well as the minor and not so minor mistakes I made during the games. Here we go:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Raging Is Cool! (Sisters WD)

So recently I’ve been able to catch up on a bit of reading on Dakka since I’m back on 12 hour days at work. And the one thing I’ve noticed is that it seems to be cool to scream about things lately. This has happened especially since the Sisters of Battle WD codex that came out.

Personally I’ve found that I like the book far more than the last one. I can actually fit things that I want in and feel like I’m covering my bases. I know mine isn’t the popular opinion but I think GW’s current codex release style works well with my brain. They are currently normally completely revamping how armies play each time they release a new codex. With me have the attention span of a ferret on meth I find that I have far less trouble taking each book as a new stand alone. I no longer compare codexes to previous incarnations because it doesn’t do any good. I simply sit down with the newest book and start to put in things that sound good.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tournament Review: Nova Open 2011

So this last weekend I attended the Nova Open! This included the GT and the Invitational as well as participating in the Whiskey Challenge on Thursday night. I've already listed the army I brought so I won't bore you with that again but I'm gonna give you a breakdown of the event as I saw it. I'll have a seperate article for how I did and a nice list of the oopsies I made in the games I lost as that might be a help. Anyway, on to the review. Like normal I'll start with the breakdown and then my overall score for the event. I'll follow that up with the a recap of the minor adjustments that I feel could make the event a little bit better.