Thursday, February 21, 2019

Battle Report: 500 Point Angry Marines vs. Imperial Guard

Hey folks! 

My first foray back into battle reports in 8th edition starts with a friendly game against a friendly local.  I'm learning 8th edition and am not ready for tournaments with my super fluffy pure Space Marine (Angry Marines Counts as Ultramarines).  

Hulksmash braved the wrath of the internet to help me put together a low model count, pure space marine army list, which you can find here!  

I haven't come up with a fun name for my army yet; from Ghazgkhull's Harem to my Darklight Storm to the Garden of Silence and their horrifically effective close combat with their 3rd edition codex in 5th edition, so I'll take any suggestions.  The lore for these guys,  Techpriest-Captain Tempernius Irascus and the 3rd Company "FURY OF THE EMPRAH" Angry Marines is here.  I should hold a contest to who can come up with the best name.

Anyway, PREPARE FOR GLORY!  Bring your savage comments, I'm new to 8th, still learning the rules, and this is for you all to point out all the stuff I did wrong so I can git gud.