Our Armies

Below are pictures from some of the armies that I play. It's only my fully painted armies or units. I'll be updating it as I get more of stuff painted or as I get pictures of my painted armies. I hope you guys enjoy seeing my forays into the other parts of the hobby outside of playing in tournaments. Enjoy.

Adeptus Mechanicus (Counts-As Daemons)
The Whole Army 
Counts-As Fiends
Counts-As Screamers
Counts-As Tzeentch DP 
Counts-As Tzeentch Heralds on Chariots 
Counts-As Bloodletters
Counts-As Slaanesh DP
Counts-As Horrors w/Bolt 
Counts-As Blood Crushers
Emperor's Blades (DIY Chapter)

Standard Marines & Logan Wing
My Armor Inclusive Shot
High Librarian Octavius
10th Company Combat Squad
Ancient One & Sword Brothers (Lone Wolves)
Devastators (or Long Fangs)
Squad Gaius
Logan Leading a 1st Company Squad
Sworn Brother (Lone Wolf)

Logan w/Bodyguards
Wolf Guard 
More Wolf Guard 
Wolf Guard Terminators

1st Company 
Belial & Command Squad
Fire Support Configuration 
Assault Configuration

Iron Warriors & Serfs

Some of my Auto-Cannon "Teams" & a Sergeant
Some of my basic Guardsmen

My Executioner 

One of my Platoon Command Squad
My Company Command Squad

One of my unbased Libbies

My other Platoon Command Squad & Chimera

My Vendettas, Drop Pods, & Combat Squads

Slightly closer look at a Drop Pod & Assault Squad

My other unbased Libbie

One of my Sergeants leading his platoon

A Chainsword weilding Sergeant