Sunday, January 16, 2011

1,850 Deathwing w/RW Support!! (My first army is back!)

Ok, so most of you probably don’t remember but way back in the dark days of 2nd edition GW released an “army box” of Ravenwing. This was basically what the plastic battleforce is now but it was an entire army back in 2nd edition. It even came with a metal Tornado (or ravenwing landspeeder as it was back then).

Fast forward to third edition and you’ll get to see the very first army I even fully painted. Multi-wing Dark Angels! Terminators, Bikers, Speeders, and regular Joes. I was really, really proud of this back in the day but with new plastic terminators and the wheel turning and DA’s becoming less and less effective my interest waned. I still loved the look of the models. And any of you that have seen my DIY chapter can tell I love the Iconography of the DA’s and the robed monastic look. So when the new FAQ came out it wasn’t even a question. I’m back on board! Now they will still match my normal DIY so they’ll be white and blue instead of bone and red but I’m like a little kid again. So much so that my Adepticon all foot IG might just be limited to Team Tournament and my DA army of smiting goodness may be my “Championship” army.