Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Evolution of my Hive Fleet Pt.1

A comment from Ben from this post: http://hulksmash-homeplace.blogspot.com/2011/02/semi-local-rtt-rundown.html got me thinking about the evolution of my Nid list and where it’s going. So I think I’m going to share every step in the process. It gives me something easy to write about J

So I’ve been playing with ideas for Nids for a while. I took a Parasite based list similar to the above list to a 1850 tourney back last October or so in California and finished strong with it but it felt like it was missing something. This was a 2k tournament and originally I had decided to try a slightly upgraded version of my 1,850 list. That didn’t work out as planned since some of the models I wanted to use were a bit farther away than I’d had the urge to travel to so I settled for the list in the earlier post. That being said at 2k I was considering something more like what you see below.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Semi-Local RTT Rundown (Mini-Batreps)

So yesterday I drove 2.5 hours to play in a tournament in Madison since tournaments aren’t quite as prolific around here as they were in Southern California. It was being held in a pretty cool shop downtown in La Crosse, WI called River City Hobbies. The event was run by a fellow known as Timmah on the internet and it went pretty smoothly. My only complaint was the lack of terrain. It was pretty sparse which turned quite a few games into a shooting gallery. I’ve decided to run Nids for Adepticon so practice was needed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts on GK Rumors

Now I know it’s a little silly to start talking about a codex based on the rumors that are out there but I simply can’t help myself. I’ve loved GK’s since the first codex came out and played them pretty hard in 3rd and even a bit at the beginning of 5th and I enjoyed it. They are a dynamic force and might fit my all foot urge pretty well. This is only going to be about the GK portions of the rumors as the Inquisitor stuff is very much going to depend on wording.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tyranids for Adepticon?

So I've been thinking of some variations of the Nids I like that I might be able to play at 1,850. I truly hate 1,850 for Nids cause I can't seem to get what I want out of it but I've got a few new ideas. Here are two of the lists I'm considering. They both are a little different from what I normally run but I think they've got the depth to make it work.