Monday, December 27, 2010

Adpeticon Daemon List: A Twist!

So I'm ordering my real daemon army this week for Adepticon Team tourney and probably for other events since I can't seem to shake playing my daemons. Stupid fun and challenging army....

So here is a Daemon list I was considering running. I think it’s got what it takes to make a mess of the current meta-game. And I'll explain why at the end of this.

Friday, December 24, 2010

1,850 Terminator Lists for Adepticon! Which one?

So I’ve been on a huge terminator kick lately and have been looking for a way to field an army including minimum 20 of the buggers at 1,850. I’m tempted to roll something like this out for Adepticon so here are 3 different lists I’ve come up with from codex SW, BA, and CSM. I’ll try and highlight the difference and what I think the list will suffer against briefly for each list.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2k Shooty Spammy BA's

So lately I haven’t been able to get away from trying to build Blood Angel lists. For some reason I have the bug lately and I thought this one could be fun. It’s a little spammy (understatement) and I do feel like it might not have enough gumption against a some armies if they get in close and mix it up but I think I like it. Not sure why I’m on such a BA kick though. If those damn Storm Ravens were already out I’d probably build something for Adepticon w/them in it since I’m really enjoying the lists I build with them. That or Dreadbash!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5th Edition Balanced in New Codexes at 2k?

In case you guys don’t know I tend to cruise the forums and blogs while at work or when I’m bored at home. So I notice a lot of posts out there and a lot of comments stating that this army is the OP or that that army has an “I win” button. And these aren’t restricted to a certain site or a certain demographic it seems but there is a very prevalent feeling that certain codexes are over-powered in relation to the rest of the books. I think this is going to be a small series in why I don’t think this is the case J

My basic premise is that 40k is far more balanced that it has ever been and that I truly don’t feel like any book is overpowered in relation to others if the armies are built accordingly. And the best part about 5th edition codexes is that they, unlike previous editions, can do multiple builds that fit this mold. The caveat to this is that I find this to only be true at 2,000pts. Not 1,850 and not 2,250. 2,000 seems to be the sweet spot in having the right amount of points to build a truly take all comers list and to personalize it to your style.

So over the course of the article I’ll hit on the following:
-       Why 2k?
-       5th Edition Codexes and how they differ codexes pre-5th
-       Balance between current 5th edition codexes
-       Myths of Space Wolf and IG invulnerability
-       How tournaments feed the myth
-       My thoughts on why the current trend is viewed this way

Stay tuned for these articles. I seem to have more time at work nowadays and need something to fill the hours J

Monday, December 13, 2010

2k Blood Angel's Dreadbash w/Mech Crazy

So I finally have a breather at work and in the great white north currently. I also can’t seem to focus on what type of army I currently want to build. I’ve got the go ahead from the wife to build a brand new 2,000pt army of some type for this year. And currently one of the option I’m considering is expanding my DIY chapter and adding some BA elements.

Now I cruise the internet looking for ideas and inspiration and came across an article/forum entry over on Stelek’s and felt like this could be fun. So I designed my own version of a dreadbash that will hopefully have everything I need to be able to compete but I’m not totally sure how to scale it down to 1,850 (though the easiest would be to drop Meph and turn him into a standard libby). So here we go J