Friday, April 26, 2013

Recent Stuff and a Possible Bugeater 1850 List

Some of you might have wondered where I went and others of you might not have noticed J

Well as you guys can tell the blog has become a place where I tend to write some stuff and then disappear for a while. Not gonna apologize for it but I’m going to actively at least try to post something once every other week or so.

So in the last two months I've won best painted at a 60+ plus person GT and come in second overall. I've come in first overall in another 60+ person GT. Oh, and we won the Adepticon Team Tournament for the second year in a row. First team to ever do it back to back which is pretty sweet. I’ve personally been pretty busy outside of that getting my Adepticon personal army up and running as well as building a display board and starting on my Titan I had planned to use for the Gladiator. I’ll get some pictures up of both and you can see photos of my army over in the “Our Armies” tag.