Saturday, November 24, 2018

8th Edition and ANGRY MARINES

Fine 40k players, its been an age.  Seven years to be precise.  I haven't played Warhammer 40k since my career high of winning Best Sportsman at the Nova Open in 2011 - the crowning achievement of my Warhammer career. 

I poked around in 6th edition, but the game was too confusing; too many armies, too many allies, Necrons allying with Orks, needing to buy 6 Ork books to even figure out how to build an army...nah.

And here we are again.  Colleagues of mine at work have been pestering me to get back into the game, and I've dipped my feet in.  Sadly, my armies are gone.  Models, armies, bits, battlefoam, GW cases....everything is gone, and I have virtually nothing to show for any of it so we're starting from scratch!  I'm hopefully understandably upset.  Very upset.  One might even say..ANGRY!!

I'd originally planned on recreating a full on Drukhari army and learning to play with my favorite army, but after a 113 minute phone conversation with Hulksmash, where we caught up on frappacinos, wives, kids, armies, and who likes balls in their mouth more (its still up for debate, since I ate some fine sake-infused plums this evening), I realized that this blog isn't "They Shall Know Fear" because we hate space marines.  When I first looked at 8th edition, my first thought was, "Gotta pick one of the Xenos races."  Looking at tournament reports, its Eldar.  Dark Eldar.  The Dead versions of them.  Some other stuff...but my once weak and pitiful Dark Eldar are near the top of the food chain now, and the armies I loathe - Space Marines - whom I loathed because 9/10 tournament games were destined to be rinse and repeat netlists of Space Wolves, Grey Knights, and Blood Angels - are no longer on the top of the food chain. 

Matt Ward must have been fired or have discovered Hentai, because the Space Marine codex is not masturbatory material this time around.  Then it struck me!  I didn't hate Space Marines, I hated flavor of the month armies...and since Space Marines are out of favor, and I love playing the underpowered underdog, I need to play Space Marines!!

Specifically, I need to play some very angry, vengeful space marines.

I need some maximum carnage, angry marines.  Assault cannons are too simple.  Not when an angry marine can carry those.  Dual wielding assault cannons.  With chainblades on them just in case the opportunity to cut down a flier shows up. 

Hulksmash has given me an initial army list, I've started sourcing the models, Mrs. Dash has stocked up on paints and paintbrushes, and we're getting ready to go to war.