Saturday, July 7, 2012

My First Game of 6th

Well I finally got a game in was quite fun even for a learning game. I played our local store owner when I got off early from work and we muddled out way through the rules pretty easily. My only sadness is that there were not vehicles or flyers since we're both infantry nuts.

I brought:

Flyrant w/2xDual Devs & Wings
Flyrant w/2xDual Devs, Wings, & Hive Commander
2x3 Hive Guard
20 Termagants
20 Dev. Gants
2xTervigon w/Catalyst, Poison, Adrenal Glands
2xCarnifex w/2xDual Devs in Spores

My opponent brought:

Warboss on Bike w/PK, Squig, and some other stuff
Big Mek w/KFF
3x15 Lootas
5x30 Shoota Boyz
3x3 Kannons

So you can see that we had around 250+ models between us before I even start pooping. It made for an interesting game and we managed to knock the game out in 3 hours with a new edition and interruptions (since he runs the store).

It was a pretty smooth game. Things I learned:

-Cover is interesting now since you get cover for your saves if the model taking the wound is obscured by 25% from any firing model in the enemy unit.
-Lootas are friggin crazy good if they roll 3 shots, even snap shoooting.
-Fearless change is definitely a good thing with overwatch. It allows you to pin units in place to hit with multiple other units. Without it boyz and nids would take a pretty massive hit charging into CC.
-Biomancy is pretty dang amazing
-Flying MC's are incredibly durable but 45 St7 shots can still hurt you.
-Night fight is huge and I really like how it works now.
-You have to clump up more with assault based troops now to ensure you make the charges after casualties. Blasts are going to hurt more.....
-5+ Cover means a lot more dying on models without an armor save.

Things I learned and my opponent did too:

-Always taking the closest model killed the screening conga line of boyz since he had one unit out of the fight for two turns as they tried to get back into coherency.
-Nobz are still essential. He wanted to try squads without them due to all the sniping possiblities nowadays.
-KFF isn't a requirement for foot armies like it used to be.

Overall it was a fun game with me deploying second after he had to spread his army across the table. I refused flank and the 2+ for reserves with Hive Commander is pretty ridiculous. We wound up playing relic and just pummeled each other. I got lucky that one of my Tervigons pooped out around 50 termagants before going out which kept me in the game. I'll try to start doing some batreps of baby steps in 6th. But I wanted to share a bit about my first impressions.