Thursday, June 30, 2011

1st Company Goes to War! - Bugeater Game 3

So this weekend I headed down to the Bugeater GT in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a great event and here are two quick links: 

So I ran my newest painted army. My Deathwing which had:

Upgraded DW Squad w/Apoth, Banner, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC, Cyclone
3xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 5xTH&SS
1xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC
2xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 2xChainfist, 2xPowerfist, 1xPower Sword
Round 2

Deployment: Pitched Battle
Objectives: Table Quarters(T), Objectives(P), Kill Points(S)
The 4 Objective Markers are set by the players, 2 each.

Opponent: Brett Perkins

Imperial Guard

CCS w/3 Melta, OOF, Chimera
9 PBS w/Chimera
2xVeteran Squad w/3 Melta, Chimera
Veteran Squad w/3 Plasma, Chimera
Naked PCS
IS w/Autocannon
IS w/Autocannon, Commissar
Demolisher w/Heavy Bolter
2 Hydras
So I won the roll to go first and picked the side I was already on since I'm playing on the same table as the last round. This mission required the objectives be placed across the middle so we made the giant middle piece of terrain difficult but passable terrain. I deploy spread out fairly across my side of the table and hold Belial back w/his buds for a first turn DWA. He deploys as you see down below. With a Melta Vet Squad, CCS, and PBS behind a hill occupied by his blobbed squad. His PCS goes into one of his Vendettas which are all in reserves. The rest of his forces split to the upper left side including 2 more of his troops.
Turn 1:
I deepstrike Belial and he lands very close to the blob squad while the rest of my forces move up the field. It looks like this.

I open fire and take out the Chimera on the right side edged out around the hill. I ran Belial and then it's his turn.

He moves up slightly. Shifting his melta squad over behind the big building and advances his plasma vets as with his Demolisher leading them.

He opens fire and this is the result of his shooting phase.

He then asks me to change dice as the probability of me only losing a single Terminator to his entire armies shooting apparently makes him think I might be using loaded dice. So I switch to the dice provided by the tournament because I'm a good natured fella.

Turn 2:

So I advance again. Moving Belial and his buddies toward the blob squad, winding up about 2.5 inches from them. I move everyone else slightly up but mostly just shift and open fire. I fail to kill anything. I don't think I even stunned a vehicle. Then Belial fails the difficult terrain test, rolling 2 2's. This leaves me majorly exposed.

So it's his turn and he gets 2 Vendettas in, including the one with his PCS in it. He doesn't have the bases for them so we guesstimate where they would be in the air. He opens fire and kills off 3 of the command squad (don't make a single FnP when it's warranted) and another 4 from the squad he'd already wounded. But considering the extra firepower that came on this turn I'm not to disapointed.

Turn 3:

On my turn I split Belial and his last 2 bodyguards. The bodyguards move toward his melta squad to assault and Belial moves to within an inch of his combined squad to make sure his charge goes off. I manage to pop his plasma transport and kill a whole 2 dudes in the explosion. After my assault phase this is the result of the Belial and his bodyguards assault.

That's right. The only combat Belial will win all weekend without dying. He manages to win combat and the Commissar fails 2 test and the blobbed squad flees off the table. Oh, and I drove off the Melta Vet squad too.

The table after his movement:

In his turn he picks off 2 Termies from the top squad and one from the squad near the barn.

Turn 4:

I just move up some more. I'm pretty sure it was this turn or the last one that I immobolized the farthest right Vendetta and I wrecked his Melta Vet's ride. Then they break from the casualties and run back. Then it's his turn.

He kills off all but one of the termies from the that farthest left squad and the end of the turn looks like this:

Turn 5:

We're not going to get in another turn so this is it. I assault and take out his Chimera w/the PBS squad. I also wreck his single remaining Chimera that he was going to mount up in. I move my 4 man Termi squad onto the marker on top of the building. I fail to do enough wounds to kill off his plasma vets and they grab the far objective.

On his turn he moves his Vendetta with the PCS (which I forgot was in the Vendetta without the cockpit) moves onto the building and doesn't wreck. Then he opens fire on Belial and the bodyguard to try and bring himself within 3 for KP's. Once he realizes it's not going to happen he opens fire on Squad on the roof. He kills all of them except for the single Termi that is on top of the objective (same one that earlier survived that combat and killed Kharn!). He opens fire with his last Vendetta...3 Hits......3 Wounds.....3 Saves and the game ends. I have 3 quarters to 1 and have him beat by more than 3 on KP's so I pull in 14 of the possible 25 points.

Running Tally: 3-0 64/75