Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1st Company Goes to War! - Bugeater Game 2

So this weekend I headed down to the Bugeater GT in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a great event and here are two quick links: 

So I ran my newest painted army. My Deathwing which had:

Upgraded DW Squad w/Apoth, Banner, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC, Cyclone
3xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 5xTH&SS
1xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC
2xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 2xChainfist, 2xPowerfist, 1xPower Sword

Round 2

Deployment: Spearhead
Objectives: Table Quarters(T), Objectives(P), Kill Points(S)
The 4 Objective Markers are set by the players, 2 each.

Opponent: Blaine

Chaos Space Marines

5 Chosen w/Champ, 2 Melta Guns, Icon of Chaos Glory
8 Khorne Berserkers w/Champion, personal icon, Power Sword, Rhino w/Combi-Melta
8 Khorne Berserkers w/Champion, personal icon, Power Fist, Rhino w/Combi-Melta
8 Khorne Berserkers w/Champion, personal icon, Power Fist
Chaos Land Raider
Predator w/Lascannon Turret
4x5 Lesser Daemons
Greater Daemon

We roll for the first turn and I win. Naturally I accept and choose the lower right corner of the board. There is a giant piece of terrain in the center of the table that blocks line of sight like a crazy man. In this game it’s we’re considering it impassable. I deploy all my units with none using DWA. I split them pretty evenly across my quarter and as up on the line as they can get. My opponent deploys a little farther back than he has to in his quarter with the LR giving cover to one of his rhinos, then the predator then the other rhino that is hull down to me. His Defiler is positions in the upper left to the left of his Landraider. He infiltrates his Chosen behind the building and back a bit. He fails to seize.

Turn 1:

I move up. 2 of my units move left  but keeping a little back from the corner his chosen are hiding behind. One unit stays pretty central to help with the Defiler. All other units including one in front of Belial move up the right. I epic fail on my shooting, just stunning the rhino on the right, kill one chosen with storm bolters, and doing no other damage.

On his turn he shifts forward slightly and pops smoke on the exposed rhino. Moves the Defiler to a place where it is hull down as long as I’m not on a hill. He also takes the bait and moves his Chosen up to open fire with their melta guns. He opens fire and kills 1 Terminator and then it’s my turn again.

Turn 2:

I move up and prepare to assault his Chosen to keep those damned Less Daemons and Greater Daemon out of my deployment zone. I have a second shooting that is the opposite of my first. I kill his Defiler and his Predator. Didn't hurt his Rhino though. In the assault phase I wipe out his Chosen for no losses and consolidate backwards to keep from being in charge range of his Landraider.

On his turn he moves his rhino behind the hill on my side and gets in 2 of his lesser daemon packs that he hides on his side of the table. He takes a couple of pot shots and kills off 3/5 of the Tactical squad.

Turn 3:

I move up and open fire on the exposed Lesser Daemons and kill 4/5 but don't quite manage to get them all. I fail to pop the Rhino and it's his turn.

He decides he's not going to play the waiting game that'll win me the game without a fight. He moves gets his remaining 2 lesser daemon packs and bounces them off the icon in the rhino nearest my lines. He also deploys his Berserkers between them. Then he moves his LR over and jumps Kharn out who runs toward me too. He doesn't have any shooting since the LR moved and it's time to brawl!

So I've got 2 models in combat with Kharn and then he unloads. Kharn goes first, missing twice and beheading a lesser daemon. I manage to make 3/4 of my saves and only lose a single termie to Kharn. Next up are the daemons and power fists which kills all but a single Termie in combat with Kharn. Before one of the termies not attacking Kharn goes down he kill a single Berserker.

Then my lone Terminator rears back and HULKSMASH's Kharn (yeah, I did that). I actually win combat by one and he losses another daemon. He fails to consolidate the closer pack above into combat so spreads them out while my lone termie cackles maniacally, or it could have been me!

Turn 4:

My Tac Termies take out 3 of the less daemons blocking my path, opening it up for Belials squad to get stuck in. My shooting does nothing else and I assault. A few epic wiffs on the part of my Termies later and here we are. Oh and his power fist ID's Belial.....So far he's been awesome! (or not so much).

On his turn he get his GD in and moves out toward the 5 terminators on the left. He sends his now power weaponless Berserker squad into Belial. His movement phase ends like this:

He shoots and picks off the last 2 terminators from my Tac squad. His DP charges and kills a single terminator and takes 3 wounds over the combat. I lose 3 of my command squad on the charge when I fail all my FnP (didn't make one all weekend). I Also lose 3 of my 5 Tac Termies. And I manage to kill off a few more of his powerfist squad in combat.

Turn 5:

In my turn I bail out the Command squad, pop his last rhino and finish off his Greater Daemon.

In his turn I finish off that squad and that's pretty much it. I pull down full points again.

Again my possible DWA affected my opponent. It played with his deployment and made him deploy less aggressively than he should have. We talked about it after the game and decided he should have pushed harder earlier. A waiting game favors me more than him and by the time he realized it he was out of position to take full advantage his of CC abilities. It was a good game but I think a couple of small changes would have seen him nearly pull it out if not giving him the win. Damn Berserkers are officially the bane of my termies since I don't make 2 ups in most of my games.

Running Total: 2-0 50/50