Sunday, June 26, 2011

Help us Design our T-Shirt!

Hey folks!

Hulksmash and I are planning on getting some bowling shirts for the blog; both for us to wear, and to give away to people for blog contests and stuff.

A bowling shirt is like a more durable polo shirt. We've got some initial ideas, which is this:

TSKF on the breast?
Logo name on the back? Picture of the Seal beating the space marine below it?
Should we put our names on them? I think we probably should.
The website is REALLY freakin' long. Not sure how to get that on there.

In the true spirit of a bowling shirt, we should have a picture of our Avatar with the name above it on the front breast, and the website logo on the back with a picture of the seal/marine.

But that still doesn't help us with the website name. I've been telling Hulksmash we should move to to make it easier, but he's resistant to moving.

Input welcome!!