Friday, June 3, 2011

GT Army: Necrons or Dark Eldar?

Howdy howdy dedicated readers...

With a Grand Tournament next weekend, I have decide whether I'm bringing Necrons or Dark Eldar. Its complicated, so I'll speak my mind, conceited that it may sound or not.

Factor One: Hassle
If I bring Dark Eldar, I have to bring two sets of venoms. Mine, and a "counts as" vyper set, which may or may not include any of the actual venoms if the store 2.5 hours away from me gets any in this weekend, and if I have time to put them together. They'd still be unpainted, and sit in the second array of vehicles which my opponents would have to choose which to face. Every round, my opponent either chooses my 3rd Ed. Raider venoms that are painted and converted, or the non-WYSIWYG vypers/potential venoms that aren't painted.

Factor Two: Pride
Today I discovered that I fell from #7 to #116 or something on RankingsHQ. Most of the events I've been to (or all of them) in the last year don't report the results. I submitted the Alamo GT results today, along with the Atlanta Circuit Finale results from last November (the only two things I had results for)...winning the Railhead Rumble or placing well is important to regaining my ranking. Maybe its foolish, but I take pride in climbing that chart. My event participation this year is driven mostly by attending events that will reflect well if I win on my standings.

Factor Three: Falling for my own Hype?
I started Necrons *because* they suck. Because I know how badly I can massacre them with any army I play. Because secretly, I want people who lose to my CLOSE COMBAT think to themselves, " I suck that badly?" I've been preaching the awesomeness of them, but upon self-reflection, I'm not so sure. I picked up the previous oldest book in 40k (Dark Eldar) and rampaged around the country with an outdated codex where half the stuff didn't work, and I had to call every TO to get rulings on wargear (Nightmare Doll, Horrorfex). I took them because virtually NO ONE played them competitively, I like being unique, and they deserved a better showing. All reasons why I play Necrons now. Except...I'm not sure that I convinced anyone of how awesome my Dark Eldar were. Perhaps I just reaffirmed that I'm a good general.

Is taking Necrons to a GT...even if I win...going to make any meaningful statement? They're due for a new codex in mere months, a resurgence of Necron players now is both improbable and probably meaningless with a new book due so soon. I had almost a year with my Dark Eldar...this is potentially only one of two major events I can take my Necrons to before the new book comes out. Does winning with Necrons say anything other than "Dashofpepper is a good general?"

Factor Four: More on Hype
When I first picked them up, I expected to lose every game because of how I deal with Necrons when I'm across the table from them. Now, I have confidence because of my success. Is it unrealistic to think I can win a GT with them? And my previous it even meaningful if I do? I don't think I have to convince anyone at this point that I'm a competent player.

And that's my dilemma. I want to take Necrons. I'm afraid of losing if I do. I need to boost my rankings, which my Dark Eldar can probably do. I'm not sure if my reasons for wanting to bring Necrons are good, or even meaningful.

I could use some advice. If it *is* just my ego wanting to bring Necrons, then I shouldn't bring them. I don't need to win a GT with Necrons for people to respect my ability. Hell, after the battle reports, half the people are going to say that my opponents had crappy lists anyway.

Anyway, looking forward to some thoughtful feedback.