Friday, June 10, 2011

Railhead Rumble Here We Come!

So Dash and I are headed off to the Railhead Rumble this weekend at A-Kon. It looks like it's gonna be a good time. Even had a bit of a chat with one of the organizers a few nights ago to clear up some of the things we were curious about which is top notch. I'll be flying in this evening while Dash drives in today so there won't be much posting going on this weekend but that does mean you can look forward to at least some Batreps from myself if not from Dash as well.

I decided on running my Space Wolves as the travel constraints on my Nids are a bit of a problem until Battlefoam's new airline ready bag comes out. And I'll be running this:

2xLone Wolves in Terminator Armor w/Chainfist & Stormshield
3x5 Grey Hunters w/Melta in a HB Razorback
1x5 Grey Hunters w/Flamer in a HB Razorback

10 Wolf Guard
2xTA w/Storm Shield & Wolf Claw
1xTA w/2 Wolf Claws
1xTA w/Combi-Plasma
1xTA w/Cyclone & Frost Blade
1xTA w/Cyclone & Chainfist
3xPA w/Combi-Melta
1xPA w/Combi-Flamer

3x6 Long Fangs w/5 Missile Launchers in AC Razorbacks

Basically a minor tweak on my standard list. I dropped the dread (don't see much in the way of Bloodcrushers anymore) and upgraded my two lone wolves to be mini-tanks. I also added a frostblade and combi-plasma to Logans crew. We'll see how this plays out this weekend.

Dash will be bringing pretty much his usual list that looks like this but with a tweak here or there. Maybe he'll even post it up here before the event since he can always edit this bad boy:

The Baron
Haemonculi w/Shattershard and Crucible
3x3 Trueborn w/3 Blasters in Dual Splinter Cannon Venom
5x5 Warriors w/Blaster in Dual Splinter Cannon Venom
1x9 Wyches w/Haywire Grenades in Raider



Or something like that :) Look forward to meeting some new people. We'll let you know how it goes!