Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Name our Blog contest!

Hey folks!

Hulksmash (his additions in BLUE) and I spent a couple hours the other night talking about the name of the blog. “Hulksmash’s Homeplace” seems to be missing a dash of awesomeness. Obviously the first thing we did was look at the names of other blogs.

Bald and Screaming
Blood of Kittens
House of Paincakes

Short, sweet, easy to remember. We tried thinking of some acronyms. I thought “Dash&Smash” was clever because of the connotation to fleeting and then assaulting. Hulksmash was miffed to have my name first and thought “Smash&Dash” was a better idea because of the connotation of breaking and entering.

I made obligatory sexual jokes. Like “Brad and Dash’s Space Marines” and people could just call our blog BDSM. Insert jokes about gaining 40k fans from people doing internet searches for non-40k related….stuff. I wanted it named “Preternaturally Extra New and Inclusive Shouting.” Or some other combination of 5 words starting with those letters in that order. (Pervert)

Ultimately, we settled on “Putting the Win in WAAC” Teaching baby seals to club back. The problem is that we would then have two slogans; one for a blog name and one for a slogan. I can see “XXXXXX: Teaching Baby Seals to Fight Back by Putting the Win in WAAC”(, to long) or something….but those are too long. Nor did “Baby Seal Hunter Hunters” work or “Baby Seal School” ….none of those are 40k like Hulksmash wanted. He specifically wants a blog name associated with a 40k term. This is so it is inclusive of more than just one or two authors since I have vain dreams of having multiple authors for this blog.

I was like Ok, name our blog “Codex: Awesome” or “Codex: Baby Seals” or something. We also discussed combining our 40k tastes into a name. I only play Xenos armies, he prefers Imperium armies, and I suggested “Imperial Xenos” but that doesn’t make sense. Imperium Loving Xenos or its opposite didn’t either. I thought about having it named “Waaaugh!” or something about us on the Waaaugh! But that’s ork specific, and he doesn’t really play Orks (lies! they just aren't painted!), and I don’t play them much anymore.

I also suggested “4+ it” which is a common thing to dread hearing in a tournament….but both of us are clean on rules and that name suggests that rules arguments can go either way. Plus I'm laid back and Dash without booze is not so much :)

So! Hulksmash and Dashofpepper are looking for a 40k related blog name that isn’t specific to only the two of us, short enough to be a blog name, memorable, and not taken by someone else. This is a CONTEST! The winner of the contest (if anyone wins) will be given a free all access pass to sexual favors from Hulksmash’s Hive Tyrant (new pretty Finecast one!). *insert obligatory BDSM joke*. Or maybe a box set from the piles of loot laying around my and Dash's houses! Same goes for anyone willing to do a little work on a new banner for the site. (Let's face it, no one works for free...cept Dash!!!!!)

Lets hear your ideas! As always, click the ads to pour pennies into magical sock that I intend to steal from Hulksmash and club him with.