Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog Update!

First off some of you might have noticed the new title of the blog. I wanna say thank you to Jordan on for helping us out with the awesome banner. He asked for a shout out for his blog which is here:

Secondly we've updated the email so that both Dash and I can get into it and answer it. So don't be shy about shooting us an email.

Thirdly and pretty awesomely I must say we've cleared 100 followers earlier this week which is great!

We're glad so many people are reading and enjoying the content and just want to say thanks. Also a big thank you to everyone who's clicking on the adds. We're getting close to paying for a full GT for the both of us just for us writing for you guys. We've got lots of ideas moving forward but we'll cover those another time. Once again, thanks for reading and clicking; every penny helps!