Friday, June 3, 2011

JotWW Can Suck It! Local RTT Batrep Round 2!

So I started to forget to take pictures which is always my curse. I have a few of the second game. I have none of my third game but  I'll be combining it along with my thoughts on the RTT as a whole and my armies performance as well. So:

Round 2:
Deployment: Dawn of War

My List:
Prime w/Dual Bone Swords
2 Lictors
3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
15 Genestealers
14 Genestealers
10 Genestealers
19 Hormagants
5 Raveners w/Rending Claws
5 Raveners w/Rending Claws
20 Gargoyles w/Adrenal Glands & Toxin Sacs

Opponents Army List:
Inquisitor w/Daemonblade
2x10 Purifiers w/4 Psycannons, 4 Halberds, Hammer, Sword in Rhino (Only 1 unit had a Rhino)
10 Purifiers w/2 Falcions, 5 Halberds, Hammer, 2 Swords
Storm Raven w/TL-LC, TL-MM
2xPsybolt Dreads

So looking at this I cry a little inside. Purifying Flame is the bane of an army like mines existence.

So I win the roll to place and to go first. I deploy my Hormagants centrally and slightly to the left in cover to help push back all of his 24” shooting. I also deploy my prime with them to keep them from running. I opt to infiltrate the 15 Genestealer unit and to outflank with the other two units. Everything else would walk on (except the lictors of course J).

He then deployed in the two areas of cover available to him. One unit deploy within 18” so he moved it back a little further, putting 2 dudes in the rear out of cover. He deploys Crowe behind a giant hill in the center about 6” from his table edge and Crowe waits for a rhino to ride in.

On my turn one I move onto the table, moving and running pretty much right up the middle. Holding off on making a decision for units to go right or left until he moves the rest of his units onto the table. I forget to move my hormagants which keeps me from moving into assault range for them on turn 2. My infiltrated genestealers move up slowly, moving 2” and running 1” toward his unit deployed on the right side.

(I lied, I only had one picture....sorry)

His first turn sees him move his dreadnoughts on on the right side of the table to support his Purifiers there. His rhino moves on and Crowe hops in. His Vindicare move up and runs into some woods. The stormraven w/the non-psycannon Purifiers moves up on the left edge to stay out of range of my hive guard and spotlights my hormagants. I lose 5-6 hormagants and 2-3 genestealers from shooting.

In my turn I rolled a 4 for my 10-man squad to come in and both my other reserve units failed to show. I brought my Genestealers in on his right (my left) and as I moved them on he loudly ran the math for what I would need to down the Stormraven that had moved flat-out last turn. I decided not to tell him till the assault phase that have two models out of cover was gonna get his Purifier squad killed. I also moved up my Ravs and Parasite/Gargoyle units for a combi-assault on his other 10 man unit. I try and get my hormagants up to assault his Vindicare but fail miserably. Well in the assault phase I charged the Genestealers into the 10 Purifiers only making it to the two who were out of cover. He moves his counter assault and starts to roll for his Halberds. I roll for my Stealers and wind up with 7 rends and like 8 wounds. That’s when he remembers Purifying Flame. I agree to let him do it but that I get to keep my current roll. He agrees and between his Flame and all of his attacks he kills 3 Genestealers and I eat his entire squad. On the other flank I wind up locked in combat with the 3 surviving GK’s from the multi-assault that kills half my Gargoyle unit J Oh, and I failed to do anything to the Stormraven since only 1 HG was in range.

On his next turn he disembarks and kills the genestealers that ate his squad w/bolter fire. Crowe charges and pretty much kill the entire unit of hormagants and I finish off his 3 man squad and start to move on his dreads.

My next few turns are pretty much clean-up. I line up a huge multi-charge to kill the last squad (Parasite w/2 Gargs and 2x4 Raveners w/the Prime soloing up Crowe). I eventually bring down his stormraven and finish him off in turn 6.

Overall a good game. I was scared spitless going into it though since he was running Purifiers but it wasn’t a tuned list and he made a few mistakes. I did learn that Raveners are hell on wheels against dreads with all their attacks and re-rolling of 1’s. Also fast synapse was essential to keeping Purifying Flame or force weapons from going off when my Raveners engaged. Biggest thing I took away was figuring out how to properly deal with large units of Purifiers in an army with wrecking ball units.

On a silly note the Vindicare who missed with the only shot he took all game did manage to kill both of my Lictors in CC and made something like 19/20 4++ saves….