Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AdMech Counts-As Dark Eldar (Hobby Article)

So last night while I was at home watching the truly awful movie Pirahna (we all have guilty pleasures!) I decided to finally get started on an idea I'd been messing around with for quite some time. Some of you may know and some may not that I built a counts-as AdMech Daemon army last year, you can find it here:

I had a great time modeling this army and producing it. I have little labels printed out and put in the bag to limit confusion for my opponent and it got a very positive response in tournaments if not from some elements online.

Well when the Dark Eldar came out as much as I love their models the painting style doesn't mesh well with my styles (not good with smooth, I like edges) so again I was tempted to jump back into my AdMech to convert up a cool counts-as army. Well that project fell by the wayside as I got into my Bugs for most of this year as well as getting stuff painted for Adepticon and trying to get stuff painted for other events. Well I think this is going to be my hobby project for this year. I've been trying yearly to take on a moderately difficult and fun modelling project and I think this is the one. I've got 3 fully painted tournament level armies that would only need a small addition here and there at most so I think I'm ok taking a breath and finally getting started on this.

Here is my test model for my Kymera:

Note that he has the servo-attack arms to represent the extra attacks and the Dreadnought front shield works as a human sized storm shield, granting him his 4++. The combat drugs could easily account for his speed and his strength is mostly based on being mechanically driven. I could swap his legs out for an epic landraider similar to my fiends in my daemon admech force. Thoughts?

Also here is a test model for my Wyches:

These are combat servitors but more human oriented and less machine. I like the idea of wrist mounted weapons (damn you Grey Knights!) and I like the idea of a poison dart shooter (hence the pressure hose leading into the gun). Again combat drugs will be combat drugs. I could do a similar shield for the 4++ but I'm not sure if I will. If I did do a shield I would need to shoulder mount a pistol. Thoughts?

Neither of the above models have the wiring that will be added as yet. This normally is wiring from the backpack to the head or arm. So what are your thoughts on these two models?

I'll be using 3 Taloi in this army and I'm going to make mini-Knight Titans similar to this:

But with an enclosed cockpit and the defiler flail like weapon in place of one hand.

Venoms will be converted Land Speeder Storms and Raider will naturally be elongated Storms that have more passenger compasity.

Grotesques will be converted Ogre models (god I love ogre bulls, best release ever for big models) and my Wracks will be heavily mechanized servitors obviously designed to take a hit (since they start w/FnP).

Hellions are going to be the hardest and I'm gonna experiement w/2-3 options before I put anything concrete up on them. Same with the Razorwings.

That's pretty much it. I just wanted to share something I'mg oing to be working on on and off for the next few months. I'll probably be sticking to my SW's and Nids for the next few months while I do it. So share your thoughts. Do you think this is a cool idea? Would you enjoy playing against it? Do you think it holds together? Tell me true, it won't hurt my feelings. Also don't hesitate to post ideas on how to improve it. Thanks!