Friday, July 1, 2011

1st Company Goes to War! - Bugeater Game 4

So this weekend I headed down to the Bugeater GT in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a great event and here are two quick links: 

So I ran my newest painted army. My Deathwing which had:

Upgraded DW Squad w/Apoth, Banner, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC, Cyclone
3xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 5xTH&SS
1xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC
2xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 2xChainfist, 2xPowerfist, 1xPower Sword

Round 4

Deployment: Pitched Battle
Objectives: Table Quarters(T), Objectives(S), Kill Points(P)
The 5 Objectives were placed Nova Style

Opponent: Tim (Thank you sir!)
Blood Angels
Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack, Power Weapon
Sanguinary Priest
5 Assault Marines w/Melta, Powerfist in Assault Cannon Razorback

5 Assault Marines w/Melta, Lightning Claw, Inferno Pistol in Assault Cannon Razorback
5 Assault Marines w/Jump Packs, Power Weapon
10 Assault Marines w/2 Handflamer, Powerfist, Combat Shield in LR Crusader
Stormraven Gunship
Well we roll for who is going to go first and I win. I deploy across the line w/Belial in DWA. My opponents opts to full reserve and we start the game. My opponent failed to seize and off we go.
Turn 1:
So I deepstrike Belial, move and run.
His turn he did lazy!
Turn 2:
I move up some more and run a bit. Forgive the blurry.

He finally does something and gets in 1 Vindi, 1 Razorback squad and the LR Squad. He moves them onto the upper left corner and opens fire. Killing a Terminator. He's isolating my army and taking 2ish squads minimum out of the fight that's coming. To make it worse the side he chose is much, much lighter on my units.

Turn 3:

I do my moving thing. Opening fire on his Razorback first and exploding it. Killing 1 marine. I also manage Weapon Destroy his Vindicator. This was all made possible when he failed every, single cover save.

On his turn he gets everything else in. And to make it worse he straight lays the hurt on. He deepstrikes the Assault Squad in behind me while moving his LR up to open fire. He unloads the empty Stormraven on me and manages to pick off quite a few models.

Turn 4:

So that's what the table looks like at the top of my turn. I move my Belial up to assault the Vindicator that moved 12. I also open fire with all my missiles, trying to take out the Razorback and after another round of epic cover fails I manage to knock it out. Dropping his troops behind it. My single remaining terminator w/cyclone and hammer managed to break his Assault squad that he'd advanced. They fall back into the wreckage and auto rally. I also managed to kill 1-2 of the jump pack troops.  Then I assault the Vindicator and only stun it.....Yeah, I don't roll higher than a 1 on the Pen :)

Then he just goes crazy! He charges my "Tac" Termies with his LR which guns down one of Belials Termies. His Assault squad kills the sole remaining termie. But the worst thing for him is that when he charges those 3 Tac Terminators his Chaplain does 4 wounds. I spread them around and make all of my 5+'s......It was ridiculous. I managed keep 2 of my models alive through all the wounds and then my single power fist in combat with the Chaplain reaches out and crushes his skull (seems to be a theme with combat characters). He loses but sticks.

Turn 5:

I sweep Belial's termies and another TH squad down onto the unit in combat to bail my buddies out. I shoot down his remaining 2 models in the combat squad and then it's off to assault. I actually win and he breaks but only runs 2 inches. So I start to follow him off the board. I'd multi-assaulted the LR but didn't hit it once.

On his turn he opens fire and kills off a chunk of Belials squad and assault the Terminator squad in the ruins. He also finishes off my last Tac Termie and starts his drive to contest my held objective with his Vindicator. His squad also runs and there is a single Terminator from Belials squad keeping them running.

Turn 6: Naturally cause I'm winning on all 3 the games keeps going....

I move up and open fire. Doing nothing. Combat goes my way and I kill off his Jump Pack squad and move 6" toward the objective in the lower left quarter.

He then kills off the last Terminator keeping people running with his Landraider. He moves his Vindi up and to pressure my objective. He flat outs his Stormraven onto the middle to contest the objective. His troops move up to grab his quarters objective.

Turn 7: Naturally, it happens....

So I move up to attempt to kill his Vindicator, open fire to drive his troops off his objective and epic fail on hitting or wounding. I move my troops in the lower right quarter ahead to ensure his Stormraven has no place to land to contest my objective. I assault his Vindi and don't hit...

So he tank shocks me off the my objective in the upper left and my chainfists hits, pens, and rolls a 3.....After he moves his LR we count the KP's and I win by 3 (the required margin). Then we measure his LR from the objective above and it turns out he's out of 3" so I win all 2 and bring in 21/25.

Running Record: 4-0 85/100