Monday, June 6, 2011

A-Kon Army - One of these I'm 99% Bringing

So in March or so of last year I "perfected" my own Space Wolf list. The picture above is from the Friday Night Fights last year at Nova against Bald&Screaming's Danny Internet.

This is it:


2xLone Wolves w/Power Weapons
Dreadnought w/AC+HF

3x5 Grey Hunters w/Melta in a HB Razorback
5 Grey Hunters w/Flamer in HB Razorback
10 Wolf Guard
3xPA w/Combi-Melta
1xPA w/Combi-Flamer
2xTA w/WC+SS
1xTA w/2 WC's
1xTA w/Cyclone
1xTA w/Cyclone+Chainfist

3x6 Long Fangs w/5 Missile Launchers in an AC Razorback

I was laughed at back then for what I brought. The biggest sin I committed was the Standard Heavy Bolter Razorbacks. I was told my list was poor and that none of it fit together. Well......

Anyway the above list made a solid showing. It put me up to 3rd-ish over on RankingsHQ for a bit. It brought me through 3 GT's (14 Games) and around 8-9 RTT's undefeated. This made me lose interest in it on the local level so it's been retired, with the exception of a single RTT here in Minnesota, since last May or so. But I'm thinking of dusting it off and bringing it out to play. There are several reasons for it with the main one being that it's a 7-game tournament and I don't have a supremely well tuned list available that is that consistant right now.

So should I cave and bring it since it's fully painted and nasty?

Or should I go this route with my Bugs:

Hive Tyrant-240
2xDev's, 2+ Save

Hive Guard-60

3x2 Hive Guard-100(300)

14 Gaunts-70


3x15 Genestealers-210(630)

3x5 Raveners-175(525)
Rending Claws

As you can see I've shifted the focu a bit. I caved and added a FnP, baby making and scoring MC and added in a HT that can lay down a wall of fire and isn't to shabby in the combat either. I dropped the Gargs as they weren't doing much for me and added in another squad of Raveners. Basically the list has 6 fast assault type units supported by decent heavy support and some MC lovin of which only 1 is succeptible to JotWW so it can still suck it.

Sidenote: I dropped from around 3rd on RankingsHQ to 50 to 117 due to not playing in to many GT's lately so what little ego I have says I need to do well but I think I can with Bugs....

So which list looks good to you guys? Remember no matter which one I run I'm likely to run into Dash's DE in the later rounds....