Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pure Daemons: My First Go – 1850

So following up my article yesterday and after some more reading of my book here is a starting point for my pure Daemons following the wave approach I advocated yesterday:


Great Unclean One – 260
Lvl 3, Greater Reward


Herald of Slaanesh – 110
Greater Gift, Steed, Exalted Icon

Herald of Tzeentch – 75
Exalted Gift (Portal)


3 Fiends – 105

3 Fiends – 105


20 Daemonettes – 180

20 Daemonettes – 180

10 Plague Bearers – 100

Fast Attack

20 Steeds of Slaanesh – 255
Champion, Icon

15 Furies – 120
Mark of Slaanesh

15 Furies – 120
Mark of Slaanesh

Heavy Support

3 Seeker Chariots – 120

3 Seeker Chariots – 120

So what are we looking at here. Well we’re looking at 100 single wound models on the table all with a 5++ invul. We’re also looking at 6 Vehicles, 8 multi-wound models, and an MC. The basic premise is that it overloads your opponent. The Fiends are paired with the Furies to give them the chance to kill units hiding in cover and add some heavy hitting power. Also if the fiend power stays at being able to drop the opponent to 0 instead of 1 it means that your furies get a free round of combat in which they don’t get hit. The chariots go with the steeds. Providing a similar role for the steeds except that they inflict their damage at I10 and reduce the number of incoming attacks. This is of course against things like blob squads or enormous units of MEQ (i.e. 15-20). Against normal 5-10 man MEQ’s you’ll see the chariots and fiends hit different units.

The Plaguebearers are excellent objective holders in the new book, being able to go to ground for a 2+ cover but I added the Instrument because this basically gives me a re-roll on my MC who will be starting in deepstrike with my Plaguebearers. See you roll for the Plaguebearers first and if successful use the instrument to bring in your Great Unclean One. If not successful you just roll for the GUO. Basically a re-roll to reserves for just 10pts.

The big guy is likely to be a beast. He doesn’t have to start in reserve if he gets the right powers and you’re going first but unless you pulled down endurance, enfeeble, and iron arm I’d consider deepstrike to be the best place. The reality is that he is super, super slow. No run move and only 6” a turn means a poor deployment choice and he’s out of the game so be careful. And naturally the Greater gift is to get him hopefully a 3+ armor or 4+ FnP. Corpulance wouldn’t be bad either. A lot of the “Greater Gifts” are excellent for the big guys.

The ‘Nets are your 2nd/3rd wave that hopefully is hitting pretty beat up units. The portal gives you the ability to just create back field holders from out of LoS (since you can block it’s scatter with all the models in the army) which allows you to go 100% on the offensive.

Tzeentch seems out of place but it's possible my first unit I create out of the portal will be horrors and that's a fair amount of magical bullets for not to much as a back field support. Plus I've got a cool conversion idea for him :)

Overall I’m liking it as a starting point. I do have a slight fear of Landraiders but I think this list could hang as even a crusader doesn’t have the damage output alone to hamper what would probably be left once the faster elements of your army clear portions of the table.

I’ll try and get up my first Daemons Primary/Chaos Allied list tomorrow. What do you guys think of this?