Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Indy Open & My Army

Well I made it back from Indy without crashing and just ahead of the snow. I figured I'd share some photos of my army and how I did at the tournament with you guys.

You can find my army list here: http://hulksmash-homeplace.blogspot.com/2013/03/indy-open-this-weekend-initial-thoughts.html

I wound up 6-1 for the weekend. Missing the top 8 by just a few points that were denied me by the fella's that drove down with me. My loss came on the final dice rolls of the game and it was a good time.

I also pulled down best appearance which was a huge surprise for me and very flattering after the work I put in on this army over the last few weeks. Anyway, onto the photos:

Some of my Auto-Cannon "Teams" & a Sergeant
Some of my basic Guardsmen 

My Executioner 

One of my Platoon Command Squad
My Company Command Squad

One of my unbased Libbies

My other Platoon Command Squad & Chimera

My Vendettas, Drop Pods, & Combat Squads

Slightly closer look at a Drop Pod & Assault Squad

My other unbased Libbie

 One of my Sergeants leading his platoon

A Chainsword weilding Sergeant

So there you guys go. These were taken in my basement where I'm currently laying out my design for a custom board to fit my little friends that I'll hopefully have done here in the next two weeks. My display board is an X-Board that is basically the same colors as their bases with static grass and highlights. Hope you enjoyed.