Sunday, February 20, 2011

Semi-Local RTT Rundown (Mini-Batreps)

So yesterday I drove 2.5 hours to play in a tournament in Madison since tournaments aren’t quite as prolific around here as they were in Southern California. It was being held in a pretty cool shop downtown in La Crosse, WI called River City Hobbies. The event was run by a fellow known as Timmah on the internet and it went pretty smoothly. My only complaint was the lack of terrain. It was pretty sparse which turned quite a few games into a shooting gallery. I’ve decided to run Nids for Adepticon so practice was needed.

My List:
2 Hive Guard-100
2 Hive Guard-100
2 Hive Guard-100
10 Spinegants-60
14 Devgants-140
Tervigon w/Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst-195
Tervigon w/Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst-195
Fast Attack
5 Raveners w/Rending Claws-175
5 Raveners w/Rending Claws-175
25 Gargoyles w/Poison, Adrenal Glands-200
Heavy Support

It wasn’t quite what I wanted to run but some of  my models were another 1.5 hour round trip away and I just didn’t feel like adding that to the 3 hours. So I tested out my new Raveners which are going to be an important part of my Adepticon list. Sorry for no pictures on the batreps but the camera is still back in Cali so these are just gonna be quick rundowns of each game.

Game 1: Necrons in Pitch Battle w/KP’s as primary, Objectives as Secondary, and Table Quarters as Tertiary
His list from memory:
Destroyer Lord w/4+
Lord w/Veil+Orb
2x5 Immortals
2x10 Warriors
2x4 Destroyers
10 Scarab

So I look at his list and don’t have a single thing that can hurt his Monoliths which is going to be a pain but I was pretty sure from turn 1 that it was gonna be phase out by turn 4. And honestly there really isn’t anything to describe on this one. Opening turns were me jockeying for position and the deathblow on turns 3+4. His target priority also didn’t help him out much. He was a cool guy but just wanted to get some games in with his Necrons.

Game 2: Imperial Guard in Dawn of War w/Objectives as Primary, VP’s as Secondary, Table Quarters as Tertiary
His list from Memory:
Stracken CCS w/2 Bodyguards, Astropath, 2 Meltas, Medic, Standard in Chimera
9 Strong PBS in Chimera
4-5xVeteran Squads w/3 Meltas in Chimeras
Squadron of 2 Hellhounds
2xVendettas (which he reserved)
2xDemolisher w/Lascannons

So DoW on an almost terrain free board that had limited area cover and zero LoS blocking terrain. I took one look at it and told my opponent that the internet said he would clean my clock. We had a bit of a chuckle and settled down to our game. I knew it was gonna be a tough game since I was gonna have to run across an empty table to get to grips with my opponent. I won the roll to go first and took it. I deployed my Gaunt screen and my Parasite to keep my deployment zone a little more clear when I run on in my turn. He deployed a single Vet Squad in a chimera. He failed to seize and we started the game. I moved my entire force on and ran. My Parasite jumped back and joined the Gargoyles that came on. He rolled on and this is where his first mistakes happened. He didn’t move the unit on the table forward to spotlight for the rest of the army and he held his Vendettas in reserve and as a result his initial shooting is was dismal. I pushed forward and ran again. My opponents second turn has his Vendettas fail to come in (2 turns of missing 6 TL-LC’s). He doesn’t push forward with a unit or two to create a trip line to hold me in place for another turn or two. He makes a few target priority mistakes but nothing major and puts a small dent in my gargoyles. My turn 3 has me knock out his hellhound squadron w/Raveners and get a charge off w/my Gargoyles on a chimera and pinning his forces back into his deployment zone. The next 3 turns result in me slowly pinning him in and mulching up his forces. Had a scare on turn 5 when he very nearly pushed for a tie but it came out to win on all objectives for me.

So I dodged a bullet in game two and manage to take on an IG army on a empty table in DoW. I was feeling pretty good. And then I get the round 3 pairing.

Game 3: Imperial Guard in Spearhead w/VP’s as Primary, Objectives as Secondary, and KP’s as Tertiary
His list from memory:
CCS w/3 Plasma and Medic in Chimera
2xPlatoons w/PCS in Chimera, 2xSquads w/Heavy Weapons+Flamers in Chimera
2xLeman Russ

So this last game had even less terrain than the second one. It was gonna be a tough fight again but this one actually went easier than the first. It went pretty fast with me losing my trygons on turn 3 after they munched a demolisher, standard russ, and a hellhound. My hive guard were almost completely ineffective till around turn 4 when they started to roll higher than a 1-2 on my damage charts. It was called at the top of six to make it easier for the TO. We called a tie on the primary with me carrying the secondary and tertiary which netted me the win for the tournament.

Overall I was happy with my Bugs. I do truly feel like they are a competitive force in 40k. I still haven’t lost a tournament game with them since the new book came out but I’m sure it’s coming. Probably at Adepticon J. I’ll be tweaking the above list a bit for Adepticon but based on how my army performed I’ll probably be keeping a few units in that I was cutting. It was a fun tournament. I’ve got 2 more experience tournies coming up before Adepticon to get a better experience grip on my bugs so we’ll see how they turn out. Hope you enjoyed the read!


hyv3mynd said...

Nice execution of the list. 2 IG matchups is a challenge for a list so light on shooting, but it sounds like you got stuck in well despite lack of terrain.

Ghostin said...

I'd love to hear more about *how* you move, model placement, and your target prioritization with this list. Assuming gargoyle/parasite, then ravs/trygons, then terv/gants, with HGs central?

Grats on the win though. Nice to see, even if I can't for the life of me figure out why take spinegants =)

Hulksmash said...

Movement for the army was totally dependent on my opponents forces. Generally though I arranged to hit on turn 2 w/the gargoyles (decent reason permitting) w/follow-ups of ravs and trygons on t3. gargoyles generally had FnP as well w/the second FnP going to either the raveners or hiveguard against IG or to the gaunts against other armies. I'll be doing a layering article most likely since I think it's movement that won my two games against IG.

And spinegants were taken because I had the models and it opened up more tervigon models :)

Ben said...

I was pretty sure that had to be a "I'm not driving 3 hours to get my other models" unit. How did the devgaunts do? They don't appear in your reports so I am guessing all the damage really came from the HG and the assault elements.

Hulksmash said...

Oddly well Ben. They weren't overpoweringly awesome but they stunned some chimera's, killed some guardmen, and finished the last wound off a just stood up necron lord. Not a stellar unit but they perfomed well enough.

And yeah, it was another of those units I didn't want to drive to get something different. Stupid me leaving them at the first place I stayed at when I hit Minnesota for work...(my mommies house!)

Ghostin said...

Really appreciate the followup - and definitely looking forward to the layering article. Thanks!

Ben said...

So, now I have to ask what this list would have looked like if your other models weren't so far away. ;)

yermom said...

Great job Hulk! Congrats on the win!

Now you've got me thinking about tyranids again... Haha

How did the raveners perfrom for you, and paraite?

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