Thursday, August 28, 2014


     The very first thing I did upon deciding to jump back into the hobby was to purchase the new Ork Codex.  Bear in mind that I'm still hazy on post-5th Edition rules, so correct me where I'm wrong, but let's jump into this particular rant.

     I can get behind "Adapt and Overcome."  I've always intentionally fielded underdog armies.  Tau at the start of 5th before trading out for my Necrons, Orks because I wanted to get close and smashy.  The new codex strikes me as....less "in your face" than what makes Orks...Orks!

Ghazghkull Thraka:
*sob*  My beautiful, wonderful Ghazzypoo.  At 225 points, people were forever chuckling at me for taking Ghazghkull.  For me, his singular point was to help a tidal wave of Orks get up close and personal with enemies, in no small part from his Waaaugh! special auto-6" run.  Now, he's not even an HQ anymore.  HE IS NOT A TITAN.  Seriously?!?  GW removes our IC Warboss and relegates him into a Lords of War role?!?  Holy batballs.  I won't even get into the nerfs to his gear, the dismal Cybork nerf, or the static point cost - but my Ork army is themed around Ghazghkull, and even NAMED "Ghazghkull's Harem."  Apparently many tournaments don't allow LoW unit selections to prevent influx of super heavies - which is fine - but Ghazghkull is not a super heavy tank.

This, more than anything else, hurts my Orky soul.

Nobz and FoC:
     I always valued Nobz because with a Warboss, you could select them as a troop choice, nab a Battlewagon dedicated transport, and have a troop choice deathstar.  And now?  FoC requires 1 HQ and 3 troops instead of 1 HQ and 2 Troops...and no Nob Troops.   Am I missing something?  No Ghazghkull HQ, and no Nob troops?

Why...oh why....are these heavy support?  I can't imagine Heavy Support slots going to something other than Battlewagons, because Battlewagons support gettin' in for da krumpin' faster.  Boo hiss.

Nerfed Deff Rollas - they're basically expensive reinforced rams.  No one risks a Death or Glory when you can just get out of the way.  Boo hiss.

Nerfed Boarding Planks - my all-time favorite Battlewagon wargear.  Ram your Battlewagon into something, and if the DeffRolla (or the ram if no Deffrolla) doesn't do something, a Nob with a Powerklaw runs across the boarding plank and cuts the enemy vehicle open.  No more boarding plank assaults.  I see this still being an important piece of wargear, for having lost Ghazzy's 6" army wide run.

Goodbye KFF, Hello....KFF?
There was justice in being able to bubble a 4+ cover save across a rickety collection of vehicles with a penchant to explode at the slightest scratch.   Now it's 5+, and only applies to the vehicle you're in.  First thought:  KFF Mek on a bike, hiding behind a battlewagon?  It got worse, and didn't get cheaper.

Burna Boyz:
I remember some hilarious games where I would drive my burna Battlewagon up to an enemy, stick a flamer template out of the side, count the number of models being hit, and multiply by 15.  With the shooting rules changing to only allowing you to hit/kill the models you can reach, this is less effective, but the real disaster is that their Skorchas don't count as power weapons anymore.

Orks were never particularly good at reliable anti-tank.  DeffRollas, Boarding Planks, and Ghazghkull's Powerklaw were the trusty answers (except when you're assaulting a Vulkan Land Raider, *feeble laugh*).

I see less anti-tank than before, no real answer to fliers for a themed assault army, and losing my favorite Prophet of the Waaaugh! to a LoW spot that is disallowed at most tournaments I read about is the kick to the balls while you're down.

Dash is sad.  Is there any redemption for my assaulty Orks?


TheGraveMind said...

Tourneys will probably start allowing codex LoW once more books get updated.

orks have a what, 14+ 3d6 assault distance from their transports? Not to mention scouting battlewagons are just wrong. I think orks are just fine. Nobs as troops don't matter any more since everything is scoring.
The ork foc is an optional one, as you can still use the standard one if you'd like.

Zeelobby said...
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Zeelobby said...

Been running Orks again since codex release, been 6-0 so far. Bully Boyz is a great formation, stormboyz are amazing. The new mek gunz are cheap and effective, loota boyz still get the job done. I mean as long as you're not deadset on using Ghaz, there are still plenty of assaulty Ork builds that work, trukk boyz are just weak.

Basically if you mob up, and don't rely on Battlewagons to get the work done (which honestly were way too necessary in the past), they're still a powerful army. I've had successful anti-tank with smasha guns, rocket buggies on the flank, and of course the trusty powerklaw MAN or stormboyz nob.

Also, the FoC in the book is for a specific formation. They still follow the same FoC as the rulebook for a basic army, with 2 troops. Objective Secured isn't the end-all be-all it was in 6th, since everything can capture. Add that to the current tournament trend of Malestrom-ish scenarios + Orks mobility (12" move + 2D6" run + 2D6" assault + reroll lowest assault on stormboyz) and I take the minimal 2 grot units, and load up on elites, fast attack and heavy support. Something Orks were never able to do in 5th/6th.

It's honestly the first time I've been able to run a rainbow list and win games without spamming BWs and MANz.

Dashofpepper said...

Bully Boyz? I've ordered a Ghazghkull Codex, and should be able to pick it up tomorrow - I'm not sure what that is. You say not to rely on Battlewagons...but the Blitz Brigade looks But I'm also coming from a 5th Edition view. You have any lists? Battle Reports to look at? Inspiration?

Zeelobby said...

Yeah, Bully Boyz is in the Ghaz dex, basically 3x5+ MANz who get fearless, +1WS and cause fear. Obviously fearless is the key. Throw all 3 in trukks, maybe give 1 or 2 buzz saws, and they are a torpedo of unstoppable death. Obviously you need to play terrain smartly, but even when the trukks are destroyed, with some smart mid-field objective placement you'll be impossible to remove and put out a whooping.

I have to say that the Ork tactical thread on Warseer is pretty active, or at least that's where I'm posting. A lot of people have been having fun with Dread Mobs and such. I think there is a lot that can be done with Da Finkin Cap and the high probability of getting infiltrate. I know people who've been running the green tide with the cap with pretty good success. Some of those lists are on Warseer. Honestly Da Finkin Cap is the best piece of wargear for the price, ever. All of the traits on the strategic warlord trait table are great.

I'm sure some kind of list can be built around the Blitz Brigade, but with the great mobility of stormboyz/bikes and the fact that anything can capture objectives now, I just feel less need to throw everything in a vehicle. Add to that the fact that with the new mob rule you might be taking wounds when the vehicle explodes twice, once for pinning and another for casualties, and I'm just hesitant to put anything non-fearless in a vehicle. I've ran a WB with lucky stick, mad dok grotsnik and some MANz in a BW before with pretty good results though.

My current list, and the one I'm undefeated with (though I won't have it painted in time to tourney), even against bike/waveserpent/etc. heavy lists looks like this:

WB+Bike+HeadwoppaKillchoppa (I've carved through 3 dreadknights in a game)
WB+Finkin Cap/BigMek+KFF/Painboy

3x5 Bully Boyz + Trukks

2x10 man Gretchin squads

2x20 man stormboyz
9 bike boyz

Big Mek Gunz w/ 2x traktor, 3x smasha (these guns wreck)
Big Mek Gunz w/ 5x lobbas

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