Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Recent RTT's - Super Brief Batreps

Well hello there everybody. I realize I’ve been gone for quite a bit but I should be mostly back now. A big part of it was that I hadn’t had time to play almost any 6th edition and to talk about it without some hands on experiences seemed silly to me. Since I’ve recently played in two tournaments in the last two weeks and have another scheduled for this weekend as well as Nova the week after that I think I’m finally starting to get a feeling for 40k in 6th edition. Not that I have it figured out by any means but I definitely feel better talking about now than I did 3 weeks ago J

Let’s start with some mini-bat reps from the last two tournaments. The first tournament I played in was 1,850 that didn’t allow fortifications, mysterious terrain or objectives. I wish they’d allowed at least the bastion or defense lines but they plan to include them in the future after nothing else seemed broken at their event. The following is the list I ran:

Grey Knights:

Inquisitor – 119
Psyker, Pyschic Communion, Terminator Armor, Psycannon, 3 Servo Skulls

5x10 Strike Squads – 250 (1250)
Psybolt Ammo, 2 Psycannons, Hammer on the Justicar

3xDreadknight – 160 (480)
H. Incinerator

My first game was against an Ork Biker based army with something like this:

Kitted Warboss on Bike
2x12 Nob Led Bike Squads
2x10 Lootas
1x10 Bike Nobz

This one went extremely fast as even though he had one of the nastier deathstars in 6th the withering firepower from 3 Strike Squads and 3 H. Incinerator templates made it so that only the lord made it into CC and the Dreadknight knocked him out. Even after losing an entire strike squad in a deepstrike mishap it was mostly clean-up after the nobs went down.

My second game was against a pretty balanced Space Marine list. I’d also point out that Combat Tactics got insane in this edition with the auto rallying even within 6”. His list:

Librarian – Lvl 2, He took Biomancy, Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Force Axe
5 TH/SS Termies
Godhammer Landraider w/MM
2xDreads w/MM
3xTactical Squads w/MM, Melta Gun, Power Axe, and Combi-Melta
2 Landspeeders w/2 HB’s each
Thunderfire Cannon

This was one was uglier for me. The thunderfire did incredible amounts of damage for its point cost but I managed to push him to the edge. It helped that two of his terminators died to overwatching H. Incinerators and that DK’s are characters and so can challenge. Game ended on 5 but would have likely been a near table on 6.

Last game was against a flyer list. Not built like I would (which I’ll put up later) but with this many flyers and no fortifications he was running over other people at the tournament.

Decked out Lord
Court’s with Random Crypteks
3x5 Warrior Squads (all with Destruction Crypteks)
1x5 Immortals
4 Night Scythe Transports
3xDoom Scythes

This was a KP mission which is worse for me because he will literally never have to disembark his transports if he chooses not to. Well I deployed first and he stole the initiative. I spread out a little and moved forward. I managed to pull down the -1 Reserve roll warlord trait so first turn he got all 3 Doom Scythes and 2 Night Scythes. He hid Immotek in the far back corner and proceeded to try to lightning me the rest of the game with him. I ignored the bastard since he was too far from me. I had kept 2 Strike Squads in reserves. He kills an entire strike unit and a couple of models from both the other basic infantry units on his first turn. I shoot back and down 1 flyer and strip a hull point off another. His third turn he gets one more scythe and against does some damage, less so this time than last. I then drop two more flyers in my turn after one squad comes in. Basically we go back and forth but I had moved my DK’s toward his board edge to start with so that when the transported models walked on they would be in range of my H. Incinerators. It worked out well and the game ended on 5 with me up like 7 to 3 or so on KP’s. If it had gone to 6 or seven he likely only would have had Immo and his squad left as no flyer was undamaged and he only had a single Doom and 2 Nights left.

Overall not to shabby. I pulled down Best General since I didn’t massacre as hard as some other had but found out that 44 Psycannon shots and 80ish St5 storm bolter shots are enough to take care of flyer lists.

I played in a second RTT this weekend and I was a grow style so the first game was 750, 1500, 2k. I brought my GK’s and just kept adding till I hit what I wanted to try for 2k. Which was:

2xInquisitor – 80 (160)
Terminator Armor, Psycannon

2xPaladin – 55 (110)
Daemon Hammer

5x10 Strike Squads – 250 (1250)
Psybolt Ammo, 2 Psycannons, Hammer on the Justicar

3xDreadknight – 160 (480)
H. Incinerator

The first game at 750 was 2 Strikes, an Inquisitor, and a DK. I played against a player at his first tournament. Because of the format (i.e. everything in your 750 had to be in your 1500 and again a 2k) this guy playing his Orks was at a bit of a disadvantage. It consisted pretty much of a Nob Squad in trukk, warboss, 25 boyz, and 5 TL Deffkoptas.  It ended on a turn 3 wipe as I basically shot him off the table. He told me before hand though that he expected 750 to be his worst game for the event.

The second game was against one of the locals who normally trades tourney wins with me. He wasn’t running his normal wolves but wanted to run his bugs instead. He had the Swarmlord, Flyrant, 15 Genies w/BL, 15 DevGants in a pod, 6 hive guard, and a Tervigon. This game went to 5 but ended in another wipe. My two DK’s played blockers for all my shooting which slowly removed unit after unit. He did knock out an entire squad of strikes but barely missed instant killing one of my Inquisitors when he wouldn’t fail a 2+.

The third game was against space wolves with a big TWC squad led by 2 TWC Lords and supported by 30 GH’s and 10 Long Fangs. He seized so I was scared out of my mind of the TWC but I managed, by shooting 4 Strikes Squads, 2 Inquisitors, and 3 DK’s to barely finish the entire squad off in my first shooting phase. After that it was pretty much clean-up.

I pulled down a the number #1 spot at this one pretty handily.

Overall even with crazy wound allocation I’m not seeing to many issues with speed of play. I’ll also point out that there is still a lot of transitioning to 6th right now locally and where as my Foot GK came pretty much prepared for 6th with minimal changes. I haven’t seen any issues I can’t shoot off the table yet but I’m sure I will soon. Basically the list is set and will likely be put away after this month as I focus on a new project or two.

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