Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ogres - Take 2

So I’ve made a few tweaks based on the previous feedback and this time around I’m also actually at 2,500 so my math isn’t horribly off J. I think this is a slightly more solid list that before however I did give up one ogre model to tweak it to this point. I’ll be taking this to a tourney this Sunday to give a whirl and try out fantasy so without further talking, here is the newest list:

Slaughter Master (250) – 385
Lvl. 4(35), Glittering Scales(25), Greedy Fist(40), Fencing Blades(35)

Bruiser(105) – 158
Battle Standard(25), Lookout Gnoblar(5), Banner of Discipline(15), Heavy Armor(4), Ironfist(4)

7 Ironguts(301) – 321
Champion(10), Musician(10)

6 Ogre Bulls(180) – 192

6 Ogre Bulls(180) – 192

6 Lead Belchers(258) – 258

6 Lead Belchers(258) – 258

4 Mournfangs(240) – 290
Ironfists(20), Heavy Armor(20), Champion(10)

6 Maneaters(300) – 402
6xBrace of Pistols(72), Standard(10), Flaming Standard(10), Champion(10), Sniper, Scout

Sabretusk – 21

Sabretusk – 21

Total:                2498
Lord:                385 (15.4%)
Hero:                158 (6.3%)
Core:                705 (28.2%)
Special:           1250 (50.0%)
Rare:                0 (0%)

As you can see I added a Brusier BSB that has a little bit of protection in the form of Heavy Armor and a Shield. Meaning at 4+/6++ in combat which isn’t bad for a 4W T5 character. I also switched the character holding unit with Ironguts since they’ll add a good whomping to the combat results. You’ll see I added a Champion to the Maneaters. I did it because it’d be cool to pull down the bonus VP’s if he kills a character and also because 6 St5 WS4 attacks is nothing to sneer at. Not to mention my old pistol bruiser just looks bigger and meaner than the rest of my Maneaters so Captain fits him J

Not to many other tweaks. So thoughts?