Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ogres - My First Try

Be ready, this is gonna be a long one. Well I'd pointed out recently that I might be getting back into Fantasy with the release of the Ogres new book. And here I am, back into Fantasy. I have to say it's the first army book that I think I can get most of what I want out of it. I've always liked Dark Elves too but Ogres are just to cool. Nothing like running around with giant 3-wound monsters as your basic troops.

Anyway I've picked up a few items for what I think might be the beginning of my competitive list. I had a ton of models from the first release that will only require some minor tweaking but I'll be adding about $240 worth of stuff to my army to get what I might like out of it.

So I'm planning on attending a fantasy RTT which will probably be some of my first games of 8th edition ever which should be interesting. And I'm going to be doing it with a new book to the game as well which will make it more interesting. I've read through the rulebook a few times now and think I've got the basics down. I've stolen a couple of neat ideas from the dudes over on who have been playing with the book as well since I'm so new to the game but here is what I'm thinking of running:


Slaughter Master of Butt Whoopin-385
Fencing Blades(35), Greedy Fist(40), and Glittering Scales(25), Level 4(35)


8 Iron Guts-394
Standard(10), Lookout Gnoblar(5), Musician(10), Champion(10), Banner of Discipline(15)

6 Bulls-192

6 Bulls-192


6 Man Eaters-392
6xBrace of Pistols(72), Sniper, Scout, Standard(10), Fire Standard(10)

1 Sabretusk-21

1 Sabertusk-21

4 Mournfang Calvary-280
Heavy Armor(20), Ironfist(20)

6 Lead Belchers-258

6 Lead Belchers-258

Lord:     485(19.4%)
Hero:     0(0%)
Core:     778(31.1%)
Special:  1230(49.3%)

So a ton of fantasy lists I see being built for Ogres have a boat load of characters and only like 20-30 actual ogres. This seemed a little crazy to me. Looking at the book it's the basic Ogres that look like killers to me. Hence the reason for my above list that sits at around 38 ogres not counting the calvary. Which I'm gonna explain a little.

First off the Slaughter Master. He's a combat beast that can magically support his battleline. His current build is based around armor being legal to be put on him as the Ironfist (shield) would indicate but could change. Then I'll probably just add a dispel scroll.

The 8-Man Irongut unit is where the Slaughter Master goes. Standard of Discipline bumps his leadership to 9 though I'm not sure if this will extend to the Inspiring Pressence rule or not. Either way this is a hammer unit that will normally run w/3 Ranks and produce 16 St6 + Slaughter Master attacks, impact hits, and stomp attacks which is pretty nasty.

The two Bull units are fast support units that can hold their own against almost any units that aren't hordes and even some of those. Plus it's a bit more core.

The Maneaters are a solid unit that will deploy where needed after both sides have deployed thanks to scout. The flaming banner makes them a solid unit for picking off regenerating units and the sniper ability will allow them to pick out bsb's and mages. Basically deploy the unit to pick off a bad man on turn one and then use them as a hammer to support your line. In combat you're looking at 21 St5 attacks and stomp attacks after the first round of combat.

The two individual sabretusks are to help with deployment, allowing me to really start deploying after my opponent has put down a unit or two. They also will move up away from my lines (to prevent panic tests) and I can use them to slip up and possibly taking out warmachines if they are ignored or taking some shooting off my ogre units.

The Mournfang Calvary are straight up beasts. They roll hard and heavy and are geared to grind down massive units of non-elite infantry but aren't half bad against elite infantry either. They have a 2+/6++ in CC and a 4 man unit sits at 12 St4, 16 St 5, and 4 Stomp attacks per turn in CC. Add in a D3 impact hit per model and you're looking at a meatgrinder of a unit.

And lastly Leadbelchers. They've gotten super hot in this new book. The cannon is D6 shots per turn, st 4, armor piercing, can move-and-fire, and only takes penalties for long range. Oh and the range has changed to 24". Basically 13pts more than a standard bull to give him a gun which is pretty crazy. Add in that they can shoot every turn now and you're looking at a unit that can over the course of the game have a major impact. Probably one of the better "ranged" units out there. And they aren't half bad in combat either.

So that's the reasoning behind the list. I don't know much about 8th yet so I'm sure there will be a few changes but I'm looking forward to my first few games of Fantasy over the next few weeks. Thoughts, even if you don't know much about Fantasy are welcome since I don't know much either :)