Monday, September 19, 2011

Gaming Update and a Yay for the Blog!

Blog first!

We hit 150 followers and we’re just short of a 150,000 page hits. It’s not huge but it’s a pretty solid start to the first year that still has a month to go. I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on the blog. I appreciate it! And thanks to Dash for bringing in not a low number of readers and subscribers.

Now the gaming update. I’m working on a few random articles of things that interested or that I’ve read around the internet lately so I’ll have some of those up in the next few days. What’s going on in my personal gaming:

Hard Boyz: I played in this weekend in Burnesville, MN in the Semi’s. I managed to eek out third (well not really eek since the other closest guy was 5 or so points still behind) even after taking a 12pt tie in the first round to another of the local guys. I played against Space Wolves first round, Orks in the second round, and IG in the third. And I picked up a Necron battalion to get started for when that book comes out. This is what I took:

Grandmaster w/Servo skull & incinerator
3x5 Purifiers w/2 Psycannons in Rhinos
3x5 Warrior Accolytes w/1 Melta in Psyback
2x2 HB Servitor & 3 Warrior Accolyte in Psyback
3 MM Servitors & 2 Warrior Accolyte in Chimera
2x10 Interceptors w/2 Pyscannon, 1 Hammer, Psy Ammo
3x5 Purgators w/4 Incinerators in Assaultcannon Razors w/Psy Ammo

It was a lot of fun and pretty nasty but I probably wouldn’t play it again since like a little more meat to my lists. On a side note I’ve taken a different book to each round of Ard Boyz and will likely take a 3rd book to the finals if they are being held at the FFG headquarters like has been rumored.

Fantasy: I got my 2,500pt army built up, primed, and ready to start painting. I’m building their custom regiment bases that they’ll need too. I showed up to an RTT on Sunday for Fantasy and no one else showed. So saddened I headed to another local FLGS who’s Sundays are open gaming for Fantasy and again no one showed. I just want to get a few games in before the GT I plan on attending in November. Though to be fair maybe the weather had something to do with it. It was raining and ugly outside most of yesterday. Anyway I’ll be looking to try and get a few games in so I can talk about my Ogres some more, even if you don’t like it J

Hobby: Right now I’m getting ready to sit down and paint up my Ogres but there is a 40k GT in February and possibly a local 5 game tournament that might qualify as a GT in December. I’m thinking of actually getting my IG ready for it. I can hear the groans now but if I do this it’ll have 2 units of Ogryns and some Colossi (plural spelling?) which will entertain me at least. Plus it never hurts to have more fully painted armies to play. Right now I’m limited to my Admech Daemons, Tyrannids, Several SW Variants, and Deathwing. Those are my painted 2k armies so I’d like to add a few more to it so that my ADD can be satisfied up to the day of any event I participate in.

Just wanted to give people a heads up while I write some stuff up on local experiences and random thoughts running around my head J