Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nova: The Countdown!

I'm not dead! I'm really not. Sorry everybody but I was out of town last week for work and painting like a son of a bitch so there wasn't whole lot of blogging going on.

Well with just 2 days till I fly to DC I figured I'd throw out what the weekend is going to look like for me. Lets get started:

On Thursday the wifey and I fly out early and land in the early afternoon local time. We'll head over to the hotel and get all checked-in and set up. Then I'll be looking for my fellow writer and taking a bit of a look around. I'll shoot down to the mixer for a few drinks and some mingling with some fellow gamers. After that I'm not sure if I actually have an opponent for the Whiskey Challenge so I'm open if pesople wanna knock a game out we can totally do it or maybe Mike will post who I'm playing on here.

On Friday I'll be playing in the Invitational against 31 other solid opponents. It's gonna be an early and long day of gaming. I'll be bringing an list I've never played before but I think it's solid. Here it is fella's:

Logan Grimnar
2xLonewolf w/TA, Storm Shield, Chainfist
3x5 Wolf Guard w/4 in PA and Stormbolters, 1 in TA w/Chainfist and Cyclone
10 Wolfguard w/1 in PA with Stormbolter, 2 in TA w/Wolf Claw, 5 in TA w/Wolf Claw & Combi-Plasma, 2 in TA w/Chainfist & Cyclone
3x5 Long Fangs w/4 Missile Launchers

What it lacks in mobility it makes up for in reliability and durability. Plus I'm in love with my conversions for it.

On Saturday it's the first day of the 8 game GT. I'll figure out what army I want to based on my mood since I'm bringing a fair number of models. And I'll finish that up on Sunday.

So for those counting that's 14 games in 4 days. Which is gonna be great. But honestly what I'm looking forward to most has nothing to do with the actual games. I'm stoked to get to see people that I see only a few times a year and spend some time with my homey Dash. I'm excited to meet some new people that I've talked to online thru this blog and on Dakka. One of the best parts of the weekend though will be reconnecting with a buddy of mine from almost 8 years ago which is gonna be awesome. And then at the end of  the weekend the wife and I are headed down to see my Granny and Papa and the rest of my family that lives in VA before heading flying home on Tuesday.

That's my weekend that I'm heading off to in 48 hours. I'll be wearing a shirt with the blog logo on Saturday so don't be afraid to say hi. Hit me up on here if you guys wanna set up a game on Thursday. Can't wait to put a few more names to a few more faces.