Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need a DE conversion idea!

Hey folks!

Scores from the Nova Open are filtering in. I finished 4th in the competitive bracket, and 33rd Overall. Much of that “overall” ranking was due to receiving 43% of available painting points, which stunned me. My army has never looked as good as it does now, and I was fully expecting to be 70-85% of points.

The two major “paint” categories were “Best Painted model” and “best converted model.” While everything in my army is definitely tabletop quality (with my ravagers being on the lower end due to recoat touchups and magnetic issues), I don’t have anything that really stands out as an exceptional painted model or an exceptional converted model. All of my beasts are converted…but they are functional conversions. Necron scarabs in the DE color scheme with bladed wings attached, LOTR Wargs with Tyranid scything talons attached for khymerae….

I need something truly spectacular, and I’m drawing a blank. Thus I’m looking for advice! What could I make that would be a fantastic conversion? The closest I got was the idea of making a new Baron Sathonyx, and custom-building him from scratch – with the addition of trying to show him with a shadowfield somehow. In fluff, shadowfields are described as literal fields of impenetrable darkness, making hitting anything inside difficult because you don’t know where the enemy is. I don’t have any particularly brilliant ideas on how to represent this on the table…maybe with some C’Tan type ribbons wreathed about the body?

I think that I’m going to eventually need to replace my ravagers with new ones. The wings on the ones I currently own have broken a few times, been reglued, and the gunners are magnetized…but they are ancient models.

My typical army has Baron Sathonyx, a haemonculi, wyches, a raider, a bunch of venoms, the troops inside, triple ravagers, and a beast pack.

Ideas welcome.