Sunday, October 24, 2010

Waagghh of the Grand Loota! [Part 2]

Well I'm taking another break from painting so here are a few more of my units for the Orks I'm building. These are the nobz of 4 out of 5 of my Boyz units. Painting this will probably take a back seat to everything else I have on my plate but I like to share some of the extra stuff I'm working on. Plus I really love the concept behind this army and sharing that concept makes me smile. So here we go!

 Group shot of the biggest, toughest thieves in the Galaxy!

This one is a joke on my DIY Chapter. He's got the helmet wings I give my PA Lonewolves and the back banners and backpack that my vets/sergeants come with.

This guy leads the "Da BloodyClaw" Boyz. His hammer is obviously a counts-as powerfist and he's decked out in wolfy items.

This is the leader of "Da Metal Ones". A unit of upgraded crazy seige oriented orks where no one gets away with not being "augmented" by the docs or meks. I just had to give him a servo-arm. This is a throwback to all the IW players I beat back in 3rd and 4th with my Boyz!

This guy thinks he's a Sanguinary Guard. Just don't tell him his wings don't work, he gets cranky. With all the new BA players out there I thought this would be fun. I've also got an Emperor's Children nob that I'll be working on eventually to round out the crew.

That does it for this batch, hope you enjoyed them!

Keep an eye out for my third Tyranid Article which I'll be posting early tomorrow!

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