Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dark Eldar: The Army #4 (Heavy Support)

Well we're onto the newest and craziest section of the force org chart. This section has 3 new units out of a total number of 5 units. Just like the other sections there is a lot of room for choice in this section. Unlike the other sections this one is likely be almost always be filled. So let's get this party started.

This is one of the two carry over units from the previous codex. He's big, mean, tough, and nasty. At T7 he's one of the toughest units in the game and since you can reliably ensure he rolls decently for his d6 attacks with a cheap upgrade he's also a damn fine CC beast. You can upgrade his TL-Splinter cannon in for a heat lance, haywire grenade launcher, or a 2 shot blast weapon. Personally I don't see using him in anything except for a themed Haemonculi Coven army or in a WWP army. He's a great unit but just doesn't match up unless you build an army around him.

One of the new units we've been given the Cronos is a unit enhancer. It gives off pain tokens for people it kills with ranged weapons. This mean in theory it could give off 2 tokens a turn if it was close enough to the enemy. It shares the same T7 that the Talos has but is much less effective in CC. The Cronos can be upgraded to have extra ranged weaponry that makes it easier to give out tokens. In all honesty I don't see this unit getting much face time either. I could see it being used in conjunction with 2 Talos in a coven/WWP army but other than that I'd rate it pretty low on the totem pole for heavy support choices.

This unit needs no introduction. It's been the workhorse of the Dark Eldar for years with the only difference now being that it's probably going to be armed with Dark Lances because of the changes to the disintegrator. It's also gotten a new rule that allows it to move 12" and fire all its weapons and it gets all of this for the same point cost as before. It's a steal of a unit and because of the lack of models for the Fighter/Bombers you can expect most armies to be running 3 of these.

Razorwing Fighter:
If there was a model I'd be more than tempted to use 1-2 of these as my heavy support. The come stock w/4 St6 large blast missiles and 2 darklances. The missiles can be upgraded but I probably wouldn't. The fighter makes for some damn fine anti-infantry alpha strike and works almost as well as a ravager for tank hunting and all for only 40 more points. I like them a lot. I see some very good things coming from these units should they get a model. You'll see some lists soon that will include 1-2 of this unit.

Voidraven Bomber:
This is another of the new units added to the codex this time around. It comes stock with 2 St9 lances and a large blast that it can drop on units it flys over though it has to be a unit close to where it stops. It has to pay for any missiles you decide to purchase so I'd go easy on them. This unit is moderately effective but I find the point value far too high for the survivability and it only gets worse when you add in the missiles. Some people will make use of it I'm sure but I wouldn't even if there was a model. Something so fragile doesn't have a place in my army.

So that's the Heavy Support Section. Hope you enjoyed. Elites and HQ are still to come.


Chumbalaya said...

Talos/Cronos are only for WWP builds, Bombers are situational/gimmicky, but Ravagers/Razorwings are money.

Hulksmash said...

Well if you want to break it down into one sentence yes Chumby :)

fluger said...

Another advantage of the Razorwing over Ravager is 36" turboboost and also not open topped.

Hulksmash said...

For 5pts though you can upgrade so that you can pull that off Fluger. But good catch on me not mentioning the closed topped on the Razorwing and Bomber.

fluger said...

Closed top is huge as very few things shoot at range with AP1, so that's an extra 16.7% survivability over the Ravager.

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