Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dark Eldar-The Baron and the Beasts

So I really, really like the Baron, Hellions, and Beasts. So in all honesty noticing that my DE lists tend to get the most attention outside of my Tyranid articles I decided to post another list I've been thinking about. It's kinda of a combination of my previous lists. So here it goes:


Baron Sathonyx-105



3 Trueborn-146
3xBlasters, Venom w/2 Splinter Cannons

3 Trueborn-146
3xBlasters, Venom w/2 Splinter Cannons, Grizzly Trophies

4 Incubi-158
Venom w/2 Splinter Cannons, Grizzly Trophies


5 Wracks-120
Liquifier, Raider

5 Wracks-120
Liquifier, Raider

5 Wracks-120
Liquifier, Raider

5 Wracks-120
Liquifier, Raider

11 Hellions-201
Helliarch, Agoniser

-Fast Attack-

4 Beast Masters-198
6 Flockwings, 5 Kymera

4 Beast Masters-186
6 Flockwings, 4 Kymera

-Heavy Support-




Works on a similar basis to the other lists I've posted. The Haemon starts w/the Hellions and then jumps on board with the Incubi to give them a flamer before the charge. The token stays with the Hellions making them 3+ Coversave/FnP troop units. The list has the speed and the shooting. It is one darklance and 3 blasters short of the other list but it's got more combat support and anti-infantry firepower that combines with a better chance to go first. I like it and it incorporates all of my favorite units!


Chumbalaya said...

I like this a lot. You've got AT, AI, dedicated combat units, super speed, and flamers every-fucking-where.

hyv3mynd said...

I like the new Beastmasters a lot. They were one of the first units to hit my radar with beast status, wound allocation shenanigans, and mixed multi-wounds and invuln saves. I'll definately try to work them into my lists. 200pts for 14 models, tons of attacks, and 4++ is great IMO, especially in an MSU environment where your opponent will be targeting transports and Ravagers.

I dunno about Baron S in this list though. His +1 is attractive, but you're only using him for one 11 man scoring unit. Slightly more mobile than assault marines with fleet, but slightly less survivable. Hellion shooting isn't terrible, but a DE firebase without an OT transport is an underdog and you probably won't be firing them at a unit you'll be assaulting same turn.

Just a general question, but how come we aren't seeing more Husk Blades in net lists? Are people avoiding them because of the low str? Seems to me the ability to ID TWC and TMC's before they can even strike would be appealing.

Also, do you think a list with a WWP to bring in beasts/scourges/reavers midfield will be viable without a means to manipulate reserve rolls?

Hulksmash said...


In regards to the Baron I would probably only every use him for a single troop unit. The shooting is a nice upgrade which is something I liked and while they'll only shoot probably once in a game it's a neat addition.

As for the Huskblade I'm not using it because it has such a low chance at wounding general models. You don't see a ton of Tyranid lists on scene anyway and paying so much for a weapon with limited utility isn't my style. An agoniser will do 2 wounds to a TWC while a huskblade will do .66. So the only thing it's better against is MC's and IC's which isn't what I want to use it for.

As for a WWP army I'm already working on one but it's tricky. I think it can be viable the balance is just harder to find. I'll probably put it up next week.


Thanks! Your blog ate my comment on your Dark Eldar Armada that boiled down to I like it but I'd use Wracks as the 10-mans and wyches as the 5-mans :)

fluger said...

Love the Baron. A unit of Hellions led by him is nasty.

Smurfy said...

I like it hulky, like I said on MVB's list, I have been looking at something like this.

Only thing that bugs me is that the Hellions don't have Grenades, I might tweak it a bit to include that and maybe a few other stuffs. Don't be surprised when I come back from my Army Basic Training with this list! lol

Hulksmash said...

Nice Smurfy. As a side note the Hellions do have grenades because the Baron has the grenade launcher stock. Which is very nice. He gets a lot of toys for being so cheap.

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