Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waagghh of the Grand Loota! [Part 1]

So I've been painting a commission most of today and didn't have a lot of time to type up a new post and since I'm polishing off the third part of the Tyranid article I figured I'd post some actual hobby content. So here are some of the pictures with little blurbs to make sure people see where I'm going with it.

My Ork army is based on the idea that they've been attacking Imperial Worlds for years and stealing everything that isn't bolted down. They take particular delight in stealing from Space Marines they've killed. The Grand Loota is my Big Mek who is in charge of the expedition and responsible for the constant upgrades for his troops.

So the above models are my Rokkit Buggies. I converted Space Marine bikes into trikes and mounted Typhoon missile launchers across the back. I haven't added their specific chapter badge shoulder pads yet but that is next on the list.

The above are a squadron of Killa Kans armed with Grotzookas (stolen Valkeryie missile pods) and adorned with Deathwing shoulder pads, imperial purity sealts and standards that I'm going to freehand Deathwing symbols onto.

This is the Grand Loota himself. He's been slightly augmented and his servo harness is also his KFF. As you can see he's had words with at least one Tech Priest.

So that's the start. I'll keep this updated once in a while as I build this army. I'm also starting an Adpetus Mechanicus expansion for my Daemons and a linked army to represent my Imperial Guard. That way everything is interchangable such as my Roughriders doubling as "Steeds of Slaanesh". Hope you enjoyed!

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