Friday, October 29, 2010

Sprue Posse Invitational-Blood Angels List #1

So more information can be found here about the event in general and what this post pertains to. That way I don’t have to do a repeat at the beginning of every article J
I've already posted my first Ork, Nid, and Space Wolves list so it's time for a BA one. This is a hybrid list that I've got built and have been tweaking bit by bit but that has gotten very limited table time (as in almost none).




5 Terminators-220
4xTH/SS, 1x2 LC's

Heavy Flamer, Blood Talons

Heavy Flamer, Blood Talons


10 Assault Marines-235
Power Fist, 2 Meltas

5 Assault Marines-130
Melta, HB Razorback

5 Assault Marines-125
Flamer, HB Razorback

-Fast Attack-

5 Vanguard Veterans-175
Powerfist, Jump Packs

5 Vanguard Veterans-195
Powerfist, Stormshield, Jump Packs

-Heavy Support-

Storm Raven Gunship-200
TL-Assault Cannon, TL-Multi Melta

Storm Raven Gunship-200
TL-Assault Cannon, TL-Multi Melta

So that's the list. The Vanguards are obviously for landing and taking out those mean, mean support units. Against a shooty heavy army I'll start in reserves and use my Vanguards to take out the biggest threats to the Stormravens. Mephiston and a Furioso go in one and the Terminators and a Furioso go in the other. These are my two hammer/tarpit units. The theory being that even if the Stormraven goes down I should be close enough to the bad people to make them hurt. It's a little lighter on troops than I normally like but 5 models isn't so hard to hide with jump packs so it might work. I'm not totally in love with it as it's kinda hybrid of my uber mech and all jump armies. Thoughts?


Shep said...

Cool demon list...

Oh wait... blood angels.

But seriously. This game uses these things called 'chance cubes'. When they don't roll right, I think this list will make you rage very hard.

Well, not you, because you are disturbingly calm during any amount of rotten luck, but I would rage...

In closing and in summary, I think BA lists like this are too inconsistent. And so I can't really discern the power level here.

hyv3mynd said...

Agree with Shep.

Too easy to drop both Storm Ravens. They will be the prime target every time.

VGV's even with DoA can scatter out of assault range or mishap, and even if they're spot on, 5 with one fist won't turn any tides.

Meph's usually a win, but no FnP for him or the termies makes me sad.

Could be a fun list for an RTT but nothing too serious.

Black Blow Fly said...

Mephiston is SOOOOO loserville. I mean really. Do you play Loganwing 2?

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