Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sprue Posse Invitational-Tyranids List #1

So again the details can be found here:

This is a possible Tyranid list I'm thinking of running but I'm not 100% sold on it just yet. It's basically a giant hammer but I think it's got the power to land the hit.


Tryanid Prime-110
Bone Sword, Lash Whip, Deathspitter, Toxin Sacs

Tyranid Prime-105
Dual Bone Sword, Deathspitter, Toxin Sacs


2 Hive Guard-100
2 Hive Guard-100

2 Hive Guard-100


10 Termagants-60

10 Termagants-60

10 Termagants-50

Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines, Catalyst

Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines, Catalyst

Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines, Catalyst

-Heavy Support-



2 Carnifexes-330
Frag Spines

2k on the nose. You'll note it's mostly a modification of the previous list I posted in one of my articles. Basically this removes the "distraction" units and just turns the army into a reliable and resilient hammer. I've added a 3rd Tervigon and another unit of gants to round out the list after dropping the Ygmarls and Raveners.

My worry is that in this the Ygmarls could run into an army where they are useless/destroyed off the bat when one of the more numerous competitors (model wise) fills up all the terrain. The Raveners I liked a lot but the possibility of running into a maticore or two and lots of walkers is pushing me away from them as well. I added another unit of Hive Guard as I'm probably going to need the extra bodies since I don't have distraction units anymore.

The army boasts 50 T6 Wounds and another 6 T5 ones. In addition to the gants and the extra bodies I can create. The Fex unit is for killing things like Nobz/cover/vehicle assaults. The 3 FnP castings should help quite a bit as well. I think this is a pretty solid and hard list. Normally I take a slightly faster, more well rounded list but pretty much knowing the style of the players and their likely lists for most of the attendees in such a small event I feel like tweaking slightly from my all rounders. Now I think this list could actually pull out in normal tourney play but it's missing my faster elements I normally like to include like Gargs/Raveners/Parasite J



Sean said...

Either something is wrong on my end or you may need to fix some format here, as you list got broken up and bisected by the article.

Seems like a tough list to handle.

What would you consider the worst matchup for this list?

Chumbalaya said...

Formatting fail :P

I don't think 3 Tervigons are necessary, 2 work just fine for me. You could easily sub in the Gargs/Ravs instead. Or, God forbid, Harpies ;)

hyv3mynd said...

Without Ymgarls, how do you deal with Long Fangs/Lootas? 3x FnP is cool until you face eldar. Trygons outpace the rest and go down first. The rest get bogged down in the center as everything is slow and needs to be close to be effective.

I like the "fast" list a lot. People underestimate the survivability of large units of stealers in cover and later with FnP. You're forced to deal with them, then the gargoyles and Parasite are in their face, then the trygons. I think you force your opponent to react with that list, and we all know what happens if we spend 5 turns reacting to our opponent.

I playtested this one last week:
Prime - BS/BS, TS
Prime - LW/BS
2x HG
2x HG
7x Ymgarl
10x gants
10x gants
2x Tervs TS, AG, Cat
2x Trygons, AG
2x Carnifex w/ TL Dev

That's 1850 so you could add stealers to block scouts or keep your opponent away from edges. Could add in your raveners or a HG to each unit. In our locale, I bring stealers in one form or another in every list. Too easy to get castled out otherwise.

Hulksmash said...

Damn formatting.....Fixed it. It wasn't broken when I posted the damn thing...

Anyway :)


Worst match-up for this list is probably a good Tau army. Because I don't have anything fast enough to truly disrupt their forces from the get-go. I think I can handle the rest of the forces out there. Maybe a Dual Landraider/10-16 TH/SS army but even then I should be able to bury them in gants.

Yeah I could sub in the faster units pretty easily (that's the normal list) but with the forces I'm likely to run into and the fact that it's basic rulebook missions means I'm feeling a little more vulnerable. Harpies and Rav's die instantly to Maticores and Railguns so I'm not to keen to invest in them in a tournament that will likely see both of these units and where I will have a 50% chance at running into them.


I like the idea of a large unit of regular Genestealers. I might sneak that in there. This is just one of the lists I'm considering. I do think the "fast" list won't work this time around due to the almost guarenteed appearance of Ghaz and Nobz. I need a counter unit so the Carnies are in :) But I'm planning several tweaks on the theme so we'll see.

Lyracian said...

Not convinced by a third Tervigon. I would take regular Genestealers, Gargoyles or something else instead. Why spinefists? They seem a waste...

I agree with you on Raveners and Harpys. The chance for instant death makes them too vulnerable.

Shep said...

You lost the space wolf counters?

You managed to convince me to drop MCs and add speed to my list, I've already screwed around with it in a game, and it works. My space wolf matchup has improved massively...

And then you go and post a big waddling MC list?

I miss the Parasite and I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I miss 20 FNP genestealers!

I haven't been able to intimidate someone with a nid MC in 3 months.

I vote for going smaller and faster.

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