Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sprue Posse Invitational

So I qualified for the Sprue Posse Invitational who's information can be found here:

This is different for these guys because it's 2,000pts but that's cool because it's pretty much my standard point value due to most events using it. The winner of this receives an invite for the Nova Invitational this year that has a pretty decent prize attached to it (actual cash money!). So now I find myself in the situation of caring about my placement and wanting to win in an event. That hasn't happened since I got my golden ticket to Vegas and I've kinda screwed around with every major event since. Generally taking my Daemon army J

Now I have to figure out what I want to play. My Daemons are out simply because I'm not risky losing this because of one bad game of scatter rolls. So that leaves me with Space Wolves(DIY), Blood Angels (DIY), Tyranids, or Orks. The lack of a painting requirement means I can run any of these since I won't need to touch up my Nids (who I'm considering repainting anyway) or finish my Orks who at this point are just primed. So the question is which army to run?

Let's look at who else is invited and what army they will probably bring:
Shep: Mech Guard more than likely including 2 Maticores
Yakface: Kan Wall Orks
Somnicide: Daemons or Biker Marines
Grimgob: Ghaz's BW Brigade
Sergio: Blood Angels w/Mephiston
Probably Mike: Tau or Chaos
Jon: I have no idea, BA's?

Now this is assuming that Jon didn't get bumped out of the top spots and that everyone eligible accepted. So looking at those armies it's actually a pretty diverse field at least playstyle wise. If Som and Mike got with their marines though we're looking at 3-4 MEQ's. Otherwise it's all over the place. Looking at it there are 2 things I'm going to have to be able to handle; Mephiston and Boyz/Kanz. I'm also going to need to be able to take out some decently heavy mech assuming Shep doesn't jump to his Nids. Now I think all of my army lists are capable of handling any of the above. So over the next little bit I'm going to be posting possible Sprue Posse lists from my 4 armies; Nidz, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and Orks.

Here is the first possible list using my Space Wolves. It's currently sitting at an undefeated streak after 3 GT's and several RTT's.

Logan Grimnar

Lone Wolf-35
Power Weapon

Lone Wolf-35
Power Weapon

Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer

5 Grey Hunters-120
Meltagun, HB Razorback

5 Grey Hunters-120
Meltagun, HB Razorback

5 Grey Hunters-120
Meltagun, HB Razorback

5 Grey Hunters-115
Flamer, HB Razorback

10 Wolf Guard-420
3xPA WG w/Combi-Melta (Attached to Melta GH Squads)
1xPA WG w/Combi-Flamer (Attached to Flamer GH Squad)
2xTA WG w/Storm Shield and Wolf Claw
1xTA WG w/2 Wolf Claws
1xTA WG Basic
1xTA WG w/Chainfist and Cyclone
1xTA WG w/Cyclone

-Heavy Support-
6 Long Fangs-215
5xMissile Launchers, Assault Cannon Razorback

6 Long Fangs-215
5xMissile Launchers, Assault Cannon Razorback

6 Long Fangs-215
5xMissile Launchers, Assault Cannon Razorback

It's should do a fine job against the above lists. It has the shots to deal with hordes and plenty of anti-tank to deal with the bad mech people. Logan and friends are anti-nob/mephiston/deathstar unit of doom. Just not sure if I'm feeling like running my Space Wolves or not.

More lists incoming soon! Oh and I'm about halfway thru the last part of my Tyranid article.


hyv3mynd said...

Interested to see which Nid list you would consider. Ghaz wagons give me the most trouble consistently between the KFF, rollas, and mobility basically assuring Ghaz gets to punch whatever he wants.

Ben said...

I think you just about have to take your Tyranids, what with the mission of this blog and all. :) Either that or orks; the other two armies don't need any demonstrations of competitiveness.

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