Monday, May 9, 2011

Upcoming Events and Info

So I’ve got 2 GT’s I’ll be attending in June. Originally it was just the Bugeater at the end of the month but I’ve also been roped in by a buddy of mine (Dashofpepper on Dakka) to hit up another event he was gonna be at called the Railhead Rumble in Dallas. Here is the pertinent info for the events:

Railhead Rumble 6/11-6/12
2,000pts in Dallas, TX

Pretty much got roped into this by a buddy but since the wife gave me the go ahead I’m off! This is a first time event at this location but it’s being run from what I can tell by a group of guys who have done multiple events in Central Texas. I’m cautiously optimistic. Have to attend events at least the first year to make sure that good events can grow. I’m gonna be hitting this up with my Grey Knights. 2k of Blackened steely death! I’m going to be testing out the newest incarnation of my army this Saturday at an RTT at Misty Mountain here in Minnesota. The terrain is normally a little sparse but they generally get a pretty solid turnout between 18-24 people so it should be a good test bed for the list J

Bugeater GT 6/24-26
1,850 Omaha, NE

This is a first time event that is being run as a fundraiser for the TO’s Debate Team. I’d told him when he announced it if I was in the Midwest I’d attend and since I’ve moved I’m on my way. He seems to have some pretty solid support from the local game stores and has a good idea of what level of terrain is appropriate so I have high hopes for this. I’ll probably still be running my GK’s for this but I’m sure there will be some tweaking. Might even go crazy and do a Draigo force! Not totally sure but sounds like it could be fun.

On a side note I’m having a lot of fun playing with the different build types in the GK codex. I’m dying for Army Builder to release GK’s though since I hate building lists in Excel J I’m torn a few different ways but for some reason I’ve been loving on Purifiers, Paladins and Interceptors lately. Also dying for the FAQ to determine if I should be putting Falcion on more of my dudes or not J