Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tournament Results from this Weekend

So this weekend I played my GK at their second tournament. This is what I brought:

Grand Master w/Incinerator
10xPaladins w/4xPsycannons, 2xHalberds, 4xSwords, 4xHammers
5xPurifiers w/2xPsycannons, 3xHalberds, Rhino
5xPurifiers w/2xPsycannons, 3xHalberds, Rhino
10xStrikers w/2xPsycannons, Hammer, Rhino
10xStrikers w/2xPsycannons, Hammer, Rhino
Dread w/2xAC’s, Psybolt Ammo
Dread w/2xAC’s, Psybolt Ammo

Well I decided last minute to run 10 Paladins. That part was entertaining. I’m still trying to determine if they are allowed to walk on in DoW as a combat squaded unit since they weren’t held in reserves but since I didn’t know the answer (and still don’t if anyone wants to chime in) I had to run them as a single squad the first game but I digress.

I went 2-1 this weekend at the tourney with my loss being to the other guy locally who generally wins the events. In fact we joked before the game about what the winner should spend their store credit on J. Overall I lost to Space Wolves w/Sisters allies. Beat a Tau player badly. And then had a blood bath where I eeked out a win against another GK player.

Some of the things I learned this weekend:

There are other options other than scoring/scouting to use Grand Strategy on. I mean yes, I did know there are two other options but one that got shown to be pretty sweet to me was the re-roll 1’s to wound. Think about this. You basically re-rolling half of your to-wound rolls when shooting or in combat (assuming hammerhand goes off) which is pretty huge. I’m thinking I might be using this a bit more.

Psybolt Ammo. I really, really missed this on my Strike Squads. Wounding on 2-3’s is a huge difference in damage output. This is going back on my squads.

10 Paladins is a bit much in an army not built around Paladins. I let my excitement get the best of me and paid the price for it. They are incredibly tough to take down but don’t always produce the other results I need. I think I’d rather a 10-man Purifier squad in a rhino over a 5 man Paladin squad for combat effectiveness. Bear in mind I still think 5 is fine J

Just because you’re a midfield army doesn’t mean you have to rush to get there. This is why I got hammered in my first game. I got locked into the idea of controlling the middle instead of playing for time and space. This allowed my opponent to control the tempo completely with the result being a near tabling after 7 turns and him with the full win.

Psycotroke(sp?) grenades are f-ing amazing. They only have a single poor result (unless you’re playing against GK then they have 2). I’m finding points for these on my GKGM. No question.

All in all some great little tidbits I’ve got now to move forward with. That was mostly what this weekend was about since GK’s are my GT army for at least the rest of this Tournament season (read until after August J). I’ll be tweaking to ensure that my larger squads have Psybolt ammo. I’ll be adding the grenades to my GKGM and dropping from 10 pallies to either 5 or removing them in favor of more Purifiers.

I’ll put an army list up I’m thinking about sometime tomorrow.