Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Draigo Wing!

So I’ve been a little obsessed lately w/a Draigo led Pally force. I’ve done a bit of thinking and I’m kinda liking these as they’ve got the weapons to deal with hordes but seems to have some gumption. This is something I just threw together. Here is the first list:



10 Paladins-630
4xHammers, 4xSwords, 2xHalberds, 4xPsycannons

10 Paladins-625
4xHammers, 1xSwords, 3xFalcions, 2xHalberds, 3xPsycannons

Heavy Support

Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Yes, it’s only 7 Psycannons that spread across 4 maximum units. And it does lack numbers but I think it would be hella fun. The Dreadknights actually help make this list in my opinion simply by a major threat you have to hit with your ranged St8+ AP1-2 weapons with. Massively enhancing your Paladins life spans.

I lied. I had a second list with a Libby but I don’t like it nearly enough and it has to many problems for me to be happy putting it up J

So what do you guys think of the first list?


Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

You need apothecaries in a draigowing with heavy units, and I know the whole "OH BUT S8 IS WHAT SHOOTS THEM NEWAY LOLZ" but not in a game where basically all you HAVE is Paladins. Then, every bolt pistol, bolter, lasgun, multilaser, and everything else is aiming squarely at your T4 2+ dudes.

Hulksmash said...

I'd agree with the addition of Apothecaries except that this list has to combat squad to be effective. Which means I'd only be getting the coverage on half my dudes for an increased cost of 150pts. Not sure it worth it on this tight of a budget. Now at Ard Boyz level this list gets silly with those ridiculous missions :)

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