Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dashofpepper's Necrons at Little Wars: Round One

Hey folks!

I've never done a Necron battle report before, so thought that I would give it a shot to supplement my Wraith Wing Tactica. I may very well be fighting a losing battle here. The new Necron codex is around the corner and Yakface's 45 pages worth of inside scoop makes them sound pretty bad ass. I've always liked underdog armies. First Tau, then Orks, moving to Dark Eldar when I saw that virtually no one played them, and eventually trading out my Tau for Necrons - what I considered to be the worst codex in 40k.

Make no mistake. Necrons *are* the worst codex in 40k right now. They're at the bottom of the competitive bracket, and are considered at best boring to play against. Of course, I've fallen in love. Until they get a new codex compliments of Matt Ward and inspire horrific wailings across the world of 40k as broken, overpowered, and completely unfair. Necron players everywhere will rejoice, and I'll be left wishing I still had my Tau. :*)

This past weekend I took my Necrons to another tournament, and decided to do battle reports. They are undefeated to date - both in friendly play and tournament play. They haven't *WON* every game; they don't lend themselves towards tabling opponents, and given their slow speed and short range firepower, its quite difficult to get to an opponent determined to play keep-away. As a result, they sometimes can't get more than a tie.

To top off using Necrons, I also play Close Combat Necrons. Popular wisdom for killing Necrons is "Ignore the Monoliths; get them in close combat and phase them out." Well, close combat Necrons WANT you to get into close combat with them. :D I am not nearly as skilled with Necrons as I am with the other armies that I play - I made several tactical mistakes this weekend (and still find myself making rookie mistakes with them) because I don't play them often and am fairly new to the army.

So here we go!

Dashofpepper's Garden of Silence:
HQ: Deceiver
HQ: Necron Lord + Destroyer Body + Phase Shifter + Rez Orb + Warscythe
Troop: 11x Warriors
Troop: 12x Warriors
Fast Attack: 3x Wraiths
Fast Attack: 3x Wraiths
Fast Attack: 3x Wraiths
Heavy Support: Monolith
Heavy Support: Monolith
Heavy Support: Monolith

Mission 1: Mind Games
Overview: You have no idea which objectives your opponent picked. But look on the bright side, your opponent doesn't know what objectives you picked either.
Line of Retreat: Units that fall back do so toward their own table edge via the shortest route possible as described by the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 45)
Game Length: At the end of game turn 5, roll a D6. On a 3+ game turn 6 is played. At the end of game turn 6, roll a D6. On a 5+ game turn 6 is played. At the end of game turn 7, the game ends automatically: Alternatively, the game ends immediately when the tournament organizer declares that time has elapsed. Players should not begin a new turn if there is insufficent time remaining to complete the turn.

Deployment: Spearhead/Objectives
The table is split into four equal table quarters. Players roll off and the winner chooses to go first or second. The player who goes first may select which table quarter to deploy in. The player going first then deploys on his chosen deployment zone, followed by the going second deploying on the opposite deployment zone. No unit may be placed within 12 in. of the center of the table. Initiative may be seized on a dice roll of 6+ before the first turn of the game.

Mission Special Rules:
Variable Objectives: You will select your own mission objectives. Your choices are:
Kill Points: Obtain more Kill Points than your opponent.
Assassination: Kill the Enemy HQ choices.
Table Quarters: Control more Table Quarters than your opponent.
Victory Points: Obtain more Victory Points than your opponent.
King of the Hill: At the end of the game, have one model without an armour value within 5 in. of the center of the table.
Coup: Get your HQ and Elite choices killed.

Select one objective to be your Primary, another to be your Secondary, and a third objective to be your Tertiary. Write your choices down on the score sheet before the game starts and keep them secret!

-Accomplished Primary Objective: 25 points
-Did not accomplish Primary Objective: 10 points

-Accomplished Secondary Objective: 15 points
-Did not accomplish Secondary Objective: 5 points

-Accomplished Tertiary Objective: 5 points
-Did not accomplish Tertiary Objective: 0 points

+5 points: If you accomplished or failed all objectives. Both players can achieve this modifier.

Reserves: Enter play on controlling player's long table edge.

Game One gets me pitted against my buddy and fellow Dakkanaut Heffling. We drove to the tournament together but were late. We called to let them know that we were going to be late, and they let us in, and just paired the two of us together and let us extend into lunch to finish our game.

Goletoof's Waaaugh!
HQ: Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field and Cybork Body
HQ: Warboss with a Powerklaw, Warbike, Attack Squig, and Cybork Body.

Troop1: 20x Shoota Boyz, Nob with a Powerklaw and Bosspole, 2x Big Shootas
Troop2: 20x Shoota Boyz, Nob with a Powerklaw and Bosspole, 2x Big Shootas
Troop3: 10x Gretchin, Runtherder
Troop4: 10x Gretchin, Runtherder

Elite1: 15x Lootas
Elite2: 15x Lootas
Elite3: 15x Lootas

Fast Attack1: Deffkopta with Twin-Linked Rokkit and Buzzsaw
Fast Attack2: Deffkopta with Twin-Linked Rokkit and Buzzsaw
Fast Attack3: Deffkopta with Twin-Linked Rokkit and Buzzsaw

Heavy Support1: 3x Killa-Kans with Rokkit Launchas
Heavy Support2: 3x Killa-Kans with Rokkit Launchas
Heavy Support3: 3x Killa-Kans with Rokkit Launchas

Pre-Game Tactical Assessment:
We each choose three objectives in secret. I choose the following:
Killpoints: I have less killpoints than he does, so this is a good option for me.
Victory Points: If I'm putting my eggs into the killpoint basket, then I might as well back it up with Victory Points.
King of the Hill: I'm slow, but most of his army is too. I can get to the center of the field in 5-6 turns, and so can he. The TO says that contesting is irrelevant, so it doesn't matter who is in the middle of the table, as long as I have a unit there. I'm sure some people will wonder why he doesn't have a second Big Mek with a KFF - the warboss with the powerklaw is for anti-tank duty; he can also pair it up with a deffkopta that can move as fast as the bike - giving the deffkopta quite a bit more survivability (since the unit becomes T6 against shooting).

Obviously I don't know what objectives he's chosen, but I asked after the game and am noting them here for strategic understanding of the Ork strategy. Heffling chooses the following: Table Quarters, King of the Hill, Coup.

Here's a shot of our table. We roll for deployment option and my massive roll of 3 beats out his 2. Ignore the Monoliths, I haven't deployed yet.

My deployment: Triple Monoliths along my spearhead, wraiths hiding behind my monoliths, and my Deceiver doing the same. Typically my monoliths will interlock corners (will show pictures of that in Batrep #3) but the terrain here doesn't allow for me to deploy all the way forward and still do so. What I mean by "interlock" is this: Central Monolith deploys with portal facing forward. Left and right monoliths deploy with portals facing outwards. In doing so, the vents on the sides of the central monolith "lock" flush with the flanking monoliths, sealing the gaps between the monoliths. It doesn't provide a solid wall of BLOS because there are still gaps between them as they slope up, but it seals them from the vents down. I've got one wraith unit out of 6" coherency with the rez orb, but their central positioning means that they can't be fired on until the Monolith is dead - something the Orks can't do to me at range. My Necron warriors decide to hang out in reserve.

The Kan-Wall starting to make its appearance:

The Gardener himself!

With any luck, those bloody talons will soon be dripping green with Ork blood.

Here's a picture of what Heffling sees across the table from him.

The Kan-Wall finishes deploying.

Heffling puts all three deffkoptas in reserve outflanking. The Biker Warboss is attached to the unit of boyz on the left, there's a unit of gretchin on the far right (making me think that he's going for table quarters), and another unit of gretchin in reserve. He also reserves one of his Loota units - with a spearhead deployment and my ability to block his LOS to anything his Lootas can hurt with my Monoliths, he's hoping that he can come out of reserve along the long table edge by my backfield to get some firing opportunities at my wraiths, or my warriors depending on where they come in.

Here's the battle about to begin! 14 models vs. 91 models. I've got 23 models in reserve, and he's got 28 models in reserve. Phew!

Heffling attempts to seize the initiative and fails - the game starts!

[u]Dashofpepper Turn One:[/u]
All three monoliths move forward 6" with my heavy hitters still hanging out behind them. Those Lootas could tear me up, but they couldn't scratch the paint (or lack thereof) on my Monoliths on a Waaaugh! Day, so I'm content to hide for now. My wraiths are further separated from each other - but again, they're hiding, so aren't worried about it just yet.

On to shooting! I've got three particle whips, and want to try making them count. He's got 4+ cover from the KFF on his kans. My options are as such:
1. I drop a template on those clumped up Lootas. I'd get a lot of hits, but they can't hurt me yet.
2. I drop a template on his boyz with the Warboss. It would take all three Monolith templates on them before he would allocate to the warboss...and I'm only STR9 so still couldn't insta-gib him.
3. I drop a template on a kan. If I hit, I'll probably penetrate because I'm shooting STR9 Ordinance, but he'll get 4+ cover. And having played against Bobby plenty of times...he tends to make those.
4. I drop a template on his KFF unit - I *can* instagib the KFF Big Mek if I kill enough to make him allocate there.

I decide to try a middle alternative. The positioning on his killa-kans and his KFF unit means that I can drop a template on his KFF model, smack several of his Lootas, a bunch of boyz...and more interestingly, hit a couple of kans on their rear armour. Half Strength Ordinance gives me STR4 with two chances to roll a 6 for a glance. Worth a shot!

Heffling's cover saves! He allocated one to the Big Mek because the hole was over him - which was FAQed that the defending player could allocate. I was busy rolling against his kans and didn't notice until after he had rolled...I offered to let him switch out to a different model to have failed, but he said that since he had already rolled it, he would keep it.
I roll 2D6 ordinance hits against his kans, and…#&@! I get two glances!
He fails both of his KFF saves and I land a shaken on one and a weapon destroyed on the other. I take his DCCW because the STR10 Dreadnought klaw is scarier than the STR8 BS3 rokkit.
My second shot scatters five inches away from attempting to do more of the same and smacks a couple of boyz down.
My third particle whip scatters forward this time – half strength against front armour 11 isn’t enough to do anything.
A 6” move, some hiding and three particle whips constitute my turn. In hindsight, I don’t know if the “Glance the kans on the rear” trick was worth it – while I *did* get two glances on the first shot…he failed the cover save anyway, and instead of a 5 going down to 3 for weapon destroyed and a 4 going down to a 2 for a stunned that gets squadron ruled down to a one…I either would have wrecked or exploded a kan.
Heffling Turn One:
The gretchin that so innocently started the game lining the edge of his deployment zone move 6” across the table towards the empty table quarter over there. I say “Hrm…I wonder who took table quarters…” Heffling says, “How do you know I’m not just trying to prevent YOU from getting the table quarter with your warriors?” Sneaky of him – it makes me second-guess whether he actually did take table quarters.
The rest of his army (sans Lootas) moves forward 6” or 2D6 as appropriate. His warbiker boss breaks off from his boyz to get into assault range with my left-side Monolith, which is a bit worrisome. He’s got a STR10 powerklaw, and I can only move 6” per turn, so he’ll only need 4+ to hit me.
Here’s a side-shot of Heffling post-movement. What is *most* worrisome to me is that where he has ended his movement looks to be just out of assault range for me in my turn. My Deceiver has a 12” reach, but he’s more than 6” away from my Monoliths, and my wraiths look to be right on the borderline of 18”. I’m concerned. If he sits back and shoots at me for a turn, he buys himself a turn of safety and I either have to back off to try staying out of assault, or commit to my own attempt and hope for the best.
On to shooting! Heffling runs his kans and boyz forward!! He can’t assault…and he’s not shooting either because he’s running. From a tactical perspective, I consider this to be a mistake. I have three guns, and they scatter. The rest of my army is assault…and I’m in a precarious position. Running forward puts the assault squarely in my corner.
The boyz on the far side run forward too.
Onto assaults! His warboss comes to get a piece of my Monolith, and I cringe.
Five attacks, 4+ to hit. He gets five hits. >< 4 to glance, 5 to penetrate…he gets 3 glances and one penetrate. Shaken! Followed by shaken, shaken and shaken! =D
Dashofpepper Turn Two:
I roll for reserves…and both warrior squads demand to enter play. The bastards.
The first squad wanders on over by the kans. I’m hoping he’ll be within 12” so that I can rapid-fire….which is a mixed situation. If I can rapid-fire him, he can potentially assault me if his difficult terrain rolls are nice to him. However, since his kans ran towards my monolith, my Deceiver can potentially come play. I think its worth a risk.
My other warrior squad marches onto the table quarter opposite his Gretchin. I’m after killpoints, and in case he *is* after table quarters, I need something over there to take it away from him.
On to movement!
My wraiths and Destroyer Lord fly up into the face of the kans. A bit of explanation of my intent: Three wraith units. I need them all to be within 6” of each other when I assault. I also need the destroyer lord to be within 6” of all three units. I also need the destroyer lord in assault, and not getting wtfpwned by a retaliatory assault.
The unit with the destroyer lord moves into terrain 1” away from the warboss. The destroyer lord is where the black die on the tree is. I roll and pass dangerous terrain. I intend to assault the boyz and the warboss with that unit – putting the destroyer lord in with the warboss to get his warscythe in. The other two wraith units move up to the kans – letting me assault into the kans and the warboss to make sure that my rez orb is within 6” of everyone.
My Deceiver moves up, and my Monoliths retreat. I can’t get to all the kans, and want to increase range between my Monoliths and those STR10 DCCWs.
My third monolith moves up instead of retreating – I want it on standby in case the C’Tan assault goes horribly wrong and I need to rescue my warriors…and I also want to get closer to my other warrior unit in case I need to pull them somewhere else.
On to shooting! My warriors in the table quarter with his gretchin open up! I score 11 wounds, and the gretchin go to ground for a 3+ cover save…and I only kill three.
My midfield warriors open up on the kans – and it turns out that my back rank is precisely 12” away. I net two glances. He allocates, and I get two shaken results.
My first particle whip lands on target and explodes a kan from the unit I’m not planning on assaulting.
My second particle whip aims for the middle kan in his left unit. After the glancing ordinance against rear armour shenanigans in my first turn, I’m going to try it again by hitting one on target and glancing the second on rear armour. Instead, my particle whip scatters forward onto the lead kan, exploding it – and also hitting three of my wraiths. One of my wraiths goes down. BUT!! That unit is within 6” of my rez orb, so I’ll still get my WBB.
The deceiver assaults into the far right kans!
And the complicated assault. The Lord’s unit assaults into the boyz as their primary target. I secondary assault into the Warboss on the bike with the other two wraiths, and pile my Destroyer Lord into the Warboss too. The other two wraith units exploit the opening that the dead kan has created to be able to get into assault with more boyz. I assault the kans as my primary, boyz as the secondary with the lead unit, and my middle unit (with the blue spines) assault into the boyz only.
Most important are the multiple combat rules. I have one wraith unit multi-assaulted with his kans and boyz, and another unit multi-assaulted into his his warboss and his boyz – so the damage I do across the board will count towards mass combat resolution.
We resolve the Deceiver combat first. 5 attacks….3+ to hit. I get four hits. STR9 Monstrous attacks against AV11….4 pens!
Two explode! I stun the third…but since the attacks happen simultaneously, it goes down to shaken. Best of all, I’ll be stuck in combat in the following phase and safe from his Lootas. He swings back and whiffs.
On the other side, the boyz pile in.
My wraiths swing at his boyz and kill five.
Two wraiths swing on the warboss…8 attacks needing 4+ to hit, 4+ to wound…I get 3 wounds…and he fails all three armour saves! The warboss goes down without the Destroyer Lord swinging. There are two wraiths down there…the two wraiths into his kans explode one, and the resultant 5” explosion takes down another wraith – from my already wounded unit.
His boyz swing into all three wraith units. I pass my invulnerable saves on the yellow and purple units – the last wraith in the blue unit takes a dive.
His kan swings into my yellow wraith and drops one. I’m down four wraiths. However, I win combat by 12! And he has 11 boyz left, so is still fearless.
His nob fails an armour save, all 10 boyz fail their armour saves and die – and I wrap in with his nob and his kan – also safe from Loota fire!
Thus ends my assault phase. I took down two out of three kans in assault with my Deceiver, leaving him locked in combat and safe from shooting. Between shooting and assault, I’ve taken down two kans in another unit and 19/20 boyz in the unit over there – leaving me also safely in combat away from shooting. I’ve lost one wraith in my yellow unit, and all the wraiths in my blue unit – which is my goal in every game – to be able create a Superwraith unit! They’ll get to WBB into another wraith unit.
Enemy Turn Two:
Heffling rolls for reserves! He gets all three deffkoptas and his gretchin – the Lootas stay in reserve. Two deffkoptas come in on the left side, and his gretchin roll in over there as well to grab a table quarter. Since only the monoliths are over there, the deffkoptas turbo-boost 24” onto the board next to each other.
He rolls a five for the other deffkopta, and choose chooses to bring it in over by the warriors that have been sniping at his gretchin. Hrm…he’s got a buzzsaw, warriors suck in close combat….this could get bad quickly.
His remaining boyz unit moves away from the C’Tan…4”. I think he was hoping for a 6” move towards my warriors so that a potential Waaaugh! and assault would put him into assault with my midfield warriors, but with 4” he decides to line up for some shoota / big shoota shots at my warriors.
On to shooting!
His newly arrived Gretchin run 2” towards cover, not quite making it!
One of his Loota units targets the warriors that have been sniping at his gretchin where his deffkopta just arrived from; they get two shots apiece, and a volley of 30 lands nine hits.
Eight armour saves later, I’m down two warriors – which I obviously pull from the end by the deffkopta. I think this was another mistake – chances are good that he could hurt my warriors with his deffkopta worse than I could hurt his deffkopta with my warriors – I think he should have shot at the middle warriors and crossed his fingers for a good assault on the end.
The other Lootas open fire on the same unit and score two more casualties.
Heffling realizes that he just shot himself out of assault with the deffkopta, so the boyz open up on the warriors too.
The warriors pass leadership, and he moves into assaults! The lone survivor from the middle kan unit jumps into my wraith unit.
I pile in to his assault…and my wraiths explode his freshly assaulted kan!
I shake the other kan with the two wraiths still in combat with it, and the destroyer lord lops off the nob’s head. His kan whiffs against me again.
Another note on the multi-assaults. The wraith unit with the Lord that was in combat with the Warboss and boyz only is now out of combat. The other two wraiths are still in combat with the one kan.
Over on the other side of the board, my Deceiver decides to stay in combat – there’s only one kan left, and chances are good for me to kill it. I would typically consolidate out of combat to guarantee that I get in another assault; in this case against his boyz where I won’t be able to kill enough to make him no longer fearless – leaving me safe in combat again…but I’ll take the risk.
I get three hits! Three penetrates. The Kan explodes.
The Deceiver gets a 3” consolidate, and heads towards the boyz.
Dashofpepper Turn Three:
WBB rolls!
The wraith from the yellow unit gets back up!
Two out of my five warriors get back up.
One of my wraiths from the other unit doesn’t get back up – I’m going for the throat, so decide to take the casualty instead of trying a teleport / second WBB. The wraiths do the “WBB Shuffle” getting up within 2” to gain some extra distance.
The remaining warriors on the right flank eyeball the Deffkopta balefully.
They move over to make sure everyone is within rapid fire range of the deffkopta.
My other unit of warriors sneaks around the corner – there are 8 of those gretchin left, and it looks like I can get to four of them without shooting through 2” of cover.
The Deceiver moves towards the Loota unit that my wraiths aren’t threatening.
Another move that I typically don’t make is to separate my wraiths, but this is unique situation. If I want my wraiths together, I either have to pull the wraith unit in combat with the kan out through a monolith, then turbo-boost them across the field to get back into rez orb range, and leaving his kan free to do bad things wherever he can, or I would have to ignore the Lootas and go after his kan with ALL my wraiths and my destroyer Lord, leaving them at the mercy of his Lootas.
I’ve been rolling well against his kans with my wraiths, and he’s been whiffing in return… so I decide that its worth the risk of losing a wraith or two if I don’t kill him so that I can take both the Lootas and the kan down.
Hrm. And after writing all that, I just realized that I jumped that big wraith unit over to his deffkoptas for my movement instead. >< They’ve turbo-boosted, a particle whip isn’t going to be particularly effective against them…but his Lootas *ARE* clumped up, and my particle whips can be put to better use against them.
Since his gretchin didn’t make it over into cover…my leftmost monolith heads over that way to apply a large blast template.
Here’s a post-movement shot. My other two monoliths close in on his boyz mob – they’re not in cover.
On to shooting!
I start with my warriors over in the right corner rapid firing into his deffkopta. I do four wounds and he fails three of them.
Now you see them!
Now you don’t! The other warrior squad rapid fires into his gretchin and they evaporate into green mist.
Two particle whips later, the other big boyz mob is reduced to two big shootas and a single shoota boy. They roll an eight for leadership and start to run.
My third monolith lands a direct hit on his gretchin, tagging eight of them.
He’s left with five!
He kills D3 gretchin to reroll leadership…and passes!
On to assaults!
The wraiths and destroyer lord assault into his two individual deffkoptas.
A bunch of attacks later….no more deffkoptas.
In midfield my three wraiths get two glances against his kan – and roll a 5 and 6 to weapon destroy and immobilize it! No more DCCW so he can’t negate WBB on my wraiths anymore. He does no damage back.
The Deceiver assaults his Loota target. 5 attacks…5 hits! 5 wounds! 5 Lootas go down, making him no longer fearless! He fails leadership, I catch him on the initiative check, and sweeping advance his Lootas.
Aww…no more Lootas. L
The Deceiver consolidates 3” towards the other Loota unit.
Enemy Turn Three:
Heffling rolls for reserves and his Lootas still don’t show up.
His two gretchin move into cover and hunker down, his remaining Lootas are stationary, and his three remaining boyz continue to flee.
On to shooting!
His fleeing boyz throw some big shootas at the Deceiver and do one wound. I fail one save.
His Loota unit rolls a D3…and gets 45 shots! Point blank range at the Deceiver no less.
45 shots later needing 5+ to hit, he’s gotten nine hits!
Nine hits…he needs 5+ to wound…he should get 3 wounds right? Nay! He gets SIX out of nine wounds. His Lootas have always been a bit crazy with their shooting.
And of course, I fail four out of those six 4+ invulnerable saves, and my Deceiver drops dead.
On to assaults!
My wraiths finish off his kan.
Dashofpepper Turn Four:
My wraiths come charging towards his 3 remaining boyz while the two monoliths not threatening the two gretchin move up to try getting into range of his Lootas.
Both warrior units hang out where they are! I’m hoping that they’re in 24” range to single-shot his Lootas.
The two gretchin that have gone to ground in cover against the looming monolith.
The monolith shoots them – I decide to flux arc – expecting to do more damage than with a particle whip…and cause 5 wounds! He makes all five cover saves.
As it turns out, both warrior units have models in range of his Lootas – they fire first with the models in range. My two monoliths follow up with two particle whips, and do enough casualties to force leadership! He fails.
The Lootas run 5”…but are below half strength and can’t regroup – and since they have heavy weapons, they can’t fire on the go, so he removes them from the board.
On to assaults!
My wraiths assault his three boys and molest them.
At this point, we’re running short on time. We were late to the tournament, and the TO let us play into lunch – but the lunch break is just about over. Heffling has a unit of Lootas in reserve and two gretchin on the table that are pinned. When the Lootas come into play, they can’t fire anyway, and there’s no cover that he can get to from his long table edge in the first turn…meaning that he could sneak in at his back table edge and have a turn to shoot at me before my wraiths (having turbo-boosted over there) assault him, or he could come on anywhere else and not even get a turn to shoot before getting either assaulted or particle whipped in the face.
He gracefully concedes. I pick up 50 points for accomplishing all three objectives.
Post-Game Tactical Analysis:
In my opinion, Heffling made three mistakes.
First, he should have stuck in his deployment zone and made me come to him. I only have three particle whips, they’re only 24” range…and while his rokkits can’t do much against me, he’d at least get a chance for a full volley before committing himself to being shot at. I either have to cross the board 6” per turn hiding from his Lootas, or abandon my Monolith screen and turbo-boost across the field towards him, which would expose me to his Lootas…and THEN an assault….unless I could accurately judge 13-18” away – and also presuming that he didn’t retreat 6” to leave me stuck out of assault range on the following turn anyway with whatever survived his fire.
Second, having committed towards meeting me in the middle, he gave me the charge by running instead of holding steady. I’m pretty sure that he was out of assault range, and I would have had to commit my monoliths to teleporting my wraiths to get to him, in which case he wouldn’t have suffered particle whip hits…or I could retreat, shoot him, and try maneuvering him into a two-turns out charge.
Third, I think he shot at the wrong warrior unit. In his shoes, I would have directed all my Loota fire (and the boyz) at the central warrior unit, and took my chances with a single rokkit followed by deffkopta assault into my warriors on the far right flank. He gets three attacks needing 4+ to hit and 2+ to wound with no WBB roll for me, and I need 4+ to hit and 5+ to wound back – and I’d only have 11 minus whatever died to his deffkopta attacks back. Even if I did 2-3 wounds, chances are good that he’ll only take one wound and live to fight another round, unless I failed leadership and ran off the board…which was 6” behind me.
Stay tuned for round two!


Calypso2ts said...

Nice report Dash, this one was pretty much over on turn 2 with his movement and I agree with your analysis. It is a change in paradigm to sit back and shoot with Orks, but he really needed to weaken some of your units.

Also, the only way you can kill enough orks so they don't overwhelm you is through some sick combat resolution results on multi-assaults.

I might have setup a unit of boys to take the charge as a screening unit and then shot/assaulted the reduced wraiths squads.

One advantage I think you do have is not many people are experienced playing against such a non-traditional army.

Dashofpepper said...

1/3 of the way through my second batrep...of the series of batreps that no one is reading. ><

Anonymous said...

Hmm, hanging back wasn't a really good idea either. The only way he can threaten Monoliths is in melee combat, and if he sits there DoP can just particle whip him until he feels ready to engage. Something had to move forward to threaten the Monoliths with S10, and it had to be more than one unit in order to not just be eaten by the Deciever.

The multiassault was totally devastating, though.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting! I followed here to read them.

Zjoekov said...

Someone linked the report on YTTH now (that's how I got here), so that might increase your amount of reraders =P

Was fun to read btw, just not overly excited of seeing this army against Orks, but that aside.

Jason said...

You have readers! Lurker from dakka here.

Keep the BatReps coming. They're always an amazing read.

40kNidMan said...

Keep the reports coming Dash!

Calypso2ts said...

I think there is a way to track the traffic that hits a blogger site Dash. Also, you have a ton of comments at Dakka on this report already (although some are from the usual suspects).

Anthony said...

Keep them coming! I play at the same local store as Hulk and thoroughly enjoyed all your stuff on Dakka! Sucks some people are dicks and don't understand your strategy. You have the best reports on the web so keep them, and the tactics flowing!

Dashofpepper said...

Something of an annoyance - with my battle report posted here, and Hulksmash making an announcement over on Dakka for me, I was expecting the usual mix of comments, questions, and trollery. I appreciate the comments! I don't really see any questions to answer. And the trollery has decided to stay over on Dakka. Which is interesting because I could abuse them here.

In case you've come from Dakka (which the traffic report says most of the traffic is arriving via a link of), you've probably read the same trollery that I have, so I thought I would address some of those comments here.

@Bunker: I've deleted a grand total of two comments from this blog. Both belonged to you. If you weren't such an ass in your posting, I wouldn't have had to delete them. First you call me names, then tell me how much better Dakka is going to be without me, then you lie to make yourself out to sound as if you're being put upon. You..are a troll. Your contributions to the internet are negative in balance, you've contributed nothing worth reading to Dakka, and your existence revolves around trolling me. I've always considered you to be worthless. Dakka *WOULD* be better off without you.

@Pyriel: I haven't deleted any of your comments. If you've made any, look harder for them. Unless they were inflammatory and Hulksmash deleted them.

@Oaka: You basically accused me of cheating, and said that you believe I will take advantage of bringing Warriors out of reserve by either bringing them in from the table edge or teleporting them through the Monolith without announcing to my opponent - doing whichever is most advantageous to me. Not only do I announce at the start of every game how they will be arriving from reserves...I don't particularly appreciate you PRESUMING that I will cheat.

Then linking a picture of my warriors having moved in from the table edge in the corner opposite his gretchin with "That's a VERY generous 6"."

First: The measurement was done with a tactical template. My opponent was there. It was quite accurate, and precisely 6", there was nothing generous about it.

Second: Any halfwit can put their finger on their computer screen, size the Necron model, and move it back in increments to the table edge...and see that it was amazingly 6"! While you may not have half the wits required to observe basic spatial relationships, again - trying to obscure the accusation that I'm cheating is why I call you a troll. And from the history of trolling..of me...that you've engaged in quite similar to the bullshit that you've done yet again - I also consider you to be worthless.

I'm banned from Dakka because I try taking THOSE messages, and phrasing them politely enough to not get in trouble. I don't always make it.

And mashing the moderator button doesn't get it done either. Making a personal attack on me (Bunker), lying to try sounding like the wounded party instead of the aggressor (Bunker), accusing me of cheating and presuming that I'll do so if I can get away with it (Oaka), are things that I believe merit moderator action. As in "Post deleted, warning issued, if repeated offense, suspension given."

Instead, what usually happens is that if a moderator deigns to appear at all, they make a post saying "Keep it polite" while the trolling post is left there. Sometimes they edit it out. I don't understand how someone like Grimgob can get his posts edited out in my threads and replaced by a moderator comment as often as his are can wave his hands in the air and say, "I'm not a troll! You just don't like people who disagree with you!"

Dashofpepper said...

Well...get this: Announcing that you believe I'll cheat if I can get away with it is not disagreeing with me. Its trolling. Announcing that I only write battle reports to feed my own ego is not disagreeing with me. Its trolling. The list continues.

God gifted me with a low tolerance for idiots who feel the need to inject themselves into my life.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok, here's a question. Suppose your opponent hadn't ran forwards during his turn and instead lurked at the edge of your charge range.

What would you have done? I would have sat there and whipped him, since he can't hurt me with shooting.

Or say he advanced with a unit of Kans and Shootas on the flank furthest away from the Deciever, in order to threaten S10 on Monoliths and hoping to draw a Wraith charge that he could hopefully counter-charge on his turn?

And this list is incapable of bringing Warriors from reserve through the Monolith portals by my reading of the rules. The first line under Warriors states that you have to have more than the minimum required Warrior units to do that in addition to announcing before the game starts.

Lastly, grr at being unable to edit posts for punctuation. A question needs a question mark at the end.

Eric said...

Dash loved the comments on the report. I always get multi-combat confused (I play daemons in addition to crons multi-combat is my life blood). Miss you over at dakka.

Eric said...

Actually one other question, I know its not a huge deal, but does anyone complain about your deceiver possibly not being the right height as his normal model. I mean there are a lot of reasons he doesn't have to be his normal model but does anyone complain about modeling for advantage?

Zjoekov said...

You're banned from Dakka? Sad. Well that's another forum I never have to check again then I guess.

Dashofpepper said...

TheGrog: Check the Necron FAQ about warriors in reserve. The Necron player announces at the start of the game how they will bring them in.

Eric, no one complains. He's almost the same size. If I "do" ever run into complaints, I do have the actual Deceiver. He's got a little plasticard sign that says, "My opponent is a douche" on it.

Dashofpepper said...

@Grog: In terms of your wraiths are an all or nothing thing. If he had moved up to bait an assault - and I could get all my wraiths in...I would have taken it. Either winning combat and consolidating out or staying in combat, I would end up with the Lord's wraith unit getting screened (centrally in combat) or through consolidation to not be available to counter charge. Beyond that it would come down to what his Lootas could do to break my screen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dashofpepper, its Bryce here (the eldar/deathwing player at little wars).
Looking forward to the rest of the batreps on that tournament, love to know what you thought of our game, and what mistakes i made.

Dashofpepper said...

Hey Bryce. :)

You only made one mistake. And you know what it was. =p

Anonymous said...

yeah, i was trying to go for the secondary objective, but i probably should have either moved flat out in the other way, or just played for the draw and kept hiding my army

or like i said- keep a bunch of my stuff in reserve and pray for bad rolls

Brandon said...

Hey Dash. You may or may not know me as SoulX from Dakka. I've just now found about the current situation on you with Dakka. Personally I don't feel like you did anything wrong, and the hostilities toward you wern't justifiied. It's stuff like that ruin the game for people, and I'm glad you haven't let it stop you from posting excellent Battle Reports.

On to the report. First off, as a Necron player I'm happy to see any army that doesn't lose. Even though there as bad of as they are, it makes me happy to see them still being competitive.
I don't really know what to say about your tactics, but good job. You knew what to do and executied perfectly. Maybe some particle shots could have been taken at other targets but the reasons behind you doing them at the time is understandable.
I do feel the main reason you won though was because of errors your opponent made. You still did great, and I still think you would have won if he played better, but the reason it came so easily was because of his doings.

Can't wait for the next one.

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