Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Nova Invitational

Well I was tapped to play in the Nova Invitational. When the members of one of the clubs I used to play with almost monthly couldn’t make it they handed it to me which was pretty sweet. Gonna have to rep for the Sprue Posse J

I’m currently torn. As most of you have probably noticed I tend to have a bit of an attention problem when it comes to my armies. I get a lot of my crazy ideas painted up and use them, just not for very long. In the last year and a half I’ve played SW’s, Daemons (my admech army), and Tyranids. I’m building GK’s right now for that 1,850-2k level of GT’s that I’m attending for the rest of this year.

Now comes the harder part. The Invitational has been finalized at the 1,750pt level. Now I’m going to be traveling from here in Minnesota to the event but the wife is coming too so I have the ability to bring two armies as carry-on’s J. My Nova Open army will likely be the finalized tweaked version of my GK’s (whatever that is going to look like by then) but I need to figure out what I’m gonna run for the Invitational. 1,750 opens up some codexes that I normally wouldn’t consider an option and I’m going to have to build and paint whatever I decide to run (as it’s unlikely I’ll settle on something I already have). Bear in mind this is event is gonna have some of the acknowledged better players in the country and it’s a grueling 5 game event w/$1000 cash prize for both Ren. Man and the undefeated player at the end.

Here are a few of the things I’m considering as broad outlines:

-Adeptus Mechanicus Dark Eldar Army (Haemon/Wrack/Beast Oriented)
-My GK’s scaled down (don’t care to much for this)
-Deathwing (Could be fun)
-Mech Guard (w/2 Ogryn Units J)

As you can see I’m not really interested for the most part in any MEQ’s for the event. I’ll be posting up lists and ideas over the next few weeks while I finish painting my GK’s. What codex do you guys think fits best at 1,750?


Andrew G said...

Hey Hulk, glad to see you got a spot, I'll see you at the invitational!

I'll likely be retiring the IG I won the ticket with and playing GK, but I'm torn as I know IG is the stronger book of the two at 1750, and I have more experience with it. I don't know how your testing has gone, but GK feel good at 2k, but not so much at 1750 where I feel like I don't have the tools I want in the list.

From your list of options:

DE: Just don't stand up in the type of competition you'll see at the open. Maybe I'm biased, but I've yet to run into a scary DE force.

GK's: Don't seem to scale well

DW: I sense it'd be a similar issue to the above, but I've got no experience with them

Mech Guard: Strong choice, they're the leanest and meanest at 1750.

Orks: I actually favor this choice surprisingly. They're a bit of a sleeper army, but they're tough as nails if well played by a good general, and they're typically best at 1500-1750. I also think most guys are going to be prepping lists to deal with SW/BA/IG as thats what the vast majority of entrants got in with, and might be caught napping by orks.

Just my .02, GL!

Hulksmash said...

Hi Andrew, I'll totally see ya there. Already booked the flight, room, and got the vacation time approved :)

I agree w/the scaling issue of GK's but I'm tempted to just take in a crazy direction and see what happens at 1,750 since no one will see it coming :)

I agree with the Orks, I think their just nasty at any point level but I think I could tweak a very ugly list that doesn't give up as much as other codexes do at this level.

Personally I'm leaning most toward DE and Orks. I think DE have the potential to be disgusting but they require a light touch like Nids too. Good thoughts though!

Enslaviour said...

I think that the DE would bring a large mass of very effective fire power that could support some solid CC units at a 1750 point level.

Even though they are a finesse army, if properly supported I think they could take yo to a win. Mobility + Fire power + solid CC.

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