Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dark Star’s a Comin!

Well we’re about a week away from the Dark Star ( and lists were due yesterday. I was saddened when I re-read the rules for the scoring as I noticed that if you don’t paint your own army you can’t win best overall or best painted. While I can understand not winning best painted I thought it was a little harsh about best overall. So that being said the Necrons that Reece from won’t be making their first appearance. That’ll probably be reserved for a local RTT and maybe the Indy Open before Adepticon J

Since lists were due yesterday the field is pretty solid now with what people are bringing and it looks like this:

GK: 9
BA: 8
SW: 8
IG: 7
Orks: 5
SM: 5
DA: 2
Necrons: 2
Nids: 2
Tau: 2
BT: 1
Eldar: 1
CSM: 1

Bookwise all that’s missing is SoB’s. I’m a little surprised that the total is only 34 SM armies (56%) of the field. Granted 15% of the field is GK’s but still seems like a nice spread overall.

Since my Necrons were a no go, my Nids aren’t painted up to a standard I’m happy with for a soft score tournament, and I just don’t want to play my Space Wolves I’ve caved and am taking Grey Knights. But not just any Grey Knights… all foot list!!!!

I took on the challenge of painting up this entire army in less than 2 weeks. The reason is equal parts glutton for punishment, the motivation to add another painted army to what I can play with at the drop of a hat, the awesomeness look that is a full infantry force with no vehicles, and the list struck me as competitive.

So what do I need to paint?

57 Power Armored Models, 1 Terminator, 2 Dreadknights, and 3 Objectives. As if that’s not bad enough I’ve decided to make sure that 30 of the Power Armored models could be used as strikes so I’m magnetizing the back packs. It’s going to be a busy week and half. So far I’ve got a single squad done, all but 5 models built, and am through the base coating stage on the next 20. Naturally I’ll get some photos up for the Our Armies page once I’ve finished the entire army.

Look forward to some batreps in a few weeks. And look forward to my GT Review. I’m excited as this is the first home GT available to the area I live in. I’m hoping it takes off like a rocket. The fact that it sold out more than a month in advance is a good start even if it only had 60 spots available.

I’ll be putting up my list along with my photos closer to the event.