Monday, February 20, 2012

Dark Star - Game 1

General Info:

This is a 5-game GT that took place in Minneapolis, MN. It sold out at its target of 60 people. The codex breakdown can be found in this thread: . Every missions is 3 Objectives with whoever wins the most objectives winning the game. It’s straight win/loss with tiebreakers. The tournament as a whole is closer to a gaming event than a tournament in that only 75/185 (or 40%) points are battlepoints.

My Army:

Malleus Inquisitor w/Terminator Armor & Psycannon
7 Purifiers w/2 Psycannons & 5 Halberds
5x10 Strikes w/2 Psycannons, Hammer, & Psybolt Ammo
2xDreadknight w/Heavy Incinerator

His Army:
Khan on foot
5 Assault Terminators w/Lightning Claws in a Land Raider Redeemer
5 Assault Terminators w/Thunderhammer & Stormshields
Dreadnought w/TL-Lascannon
10 Tactical Marines w/Multi-Melta, Meltagun, Plasma Pistol, Powerfist in a Drop Pod
10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Plasmagun, Plasma Pistol, Powerfist
Thunderfire Cannon
5 Devastators w/2 Plasma Cannons, Lascannon, & Missile Launcher

Deployment: Dawn of War
1)      Kill Points
2)      Control More Objectives in your Deployment Zone (Each player placed 1 in his zone and 2 in the opposing zone)
3)      Control More Total Objectives

You can see by the objectives this game is already heavily slanted in my favor. I have far less KP’s and way more scoring units even before combat squading. He was a really nice guy and it was his first tournament.

Anywho I win the roll to go first and choose the side I’m on. I forward deploy 2 full units of GK’s and the inquisitor. I keep one unit of GK’s in reserve (go Orange!) to deepstrike later. He stays off the board. He fails to seize and I start my turn. I forget to cast warp quake and finish my turn with my army looking like this:
He rolls on and does a single wound to my Dreadknight. He lands his pod to my left, out of range of possible charge range but also out of weapons range.

Turn 2:
The table looks like this:

I shift around a bit but don’t want to end up within 20ish inches of his LR so not a lot of moving up front. My other units advance to support the forward line. I fail the reserve roll for my orange friends.  I manage to immobilize his speeder and kill a single marine from the drop pod squad. He made all his other saves when I threw fire on him. This poor bastard was the one who skimped on his super armor juice:
He advances his LR. Shifts his tac squad away from the advancing purifiers. He makes his roll for his reserve terminators and lands 14” away (I remembered warp quake in my turn this time J) using the drop pods beacon.  He opens fire and puts 2 wounds onto my DK and picks off 3 of my marines with all his other shooting. My dice suck at shooting but are hot on saves. He manages to overheat one of his plasma cannons and loses it when he fails the save.

Turn 3:

The table now looks like this:
So I advance the 1-wound DK and my units nearest the LR stand still for the needed extra shots.  Orange comes in and one dude materializes with a tree through his chest…ouch. I move my purifiers up to charge his termies and advance the other DK toward the termies and troops. In the shooting phase I explode the Raider and he loses two terminators to the explosion and one more to random shots. I manage to pick off all but one missile launcher from his dev squad, pick off 3 of the 5 TH/SS termies and drop a few extra tactical marines while I’m at it. Here is the dead pile:
In his turn he shoots his tactical squad into my orange fellas and picks off a few with the help of frag shots from the speeder and remaining dev. He fails to either hit or wound with all his ap2 shots at my 1-wound left DK. Khan leads his 3 remaining terminators on a rampage and eats half a squad of GK’s. My opponent makes a mistake here and hit-n-runs the terminators. It makes some sense since he’ll get charged by the DK but at least he’d have the chance to eat the entire squad of marines if first if he’d stuck it out.

Turn 4:

I manage to pick off his TH/SS termies, kill another few models off the tactical squad, and shoot down the LC termies & khan. It’s on its way to a tabling at this point.

He plays out his turn four trying to finish off the DK to get a KP. Unfortunately the one AP2 wound he does is saved on a 5+. He looked at the board and conceded the game. He asked me some questions and we talked about a few things he could have done differently but overall the scenario really hurt him and he just couldn’t take the firepower.

Result: Win w/3 of 3 Objectives, No KP’s lost.