Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dark Star - Game 2

Dark Star: Game 2

General Info:

This is a 5-game GT that took place in Minneapolis, MN. It sold out at its target of 60 people. The codex breakdown can be found in this thread: http://hulksmash-homeplace.blogspot.com/2012/02/dark-stars-comin.html . Every missions is 3 Objectives with whoever wins the most objectives winning the game. It’s straight win/loss with tiebreakers. The tournament as a whole is closer to a gaming event than a tournament in that only 75/185 (or 40%) points are battlepoints.

My Army:

Malleus Inquisitor w/Terminator Armor & Psycannon
7 Purifiers w/2 Psycannons & 5 Halberds
5x10 Strikes w/2 Psycannons, Hammer, & Psybolt Ammo
2xDreadknight w/Heavy Incinerator

His Army:

Warboss on Bike w/PK & Cybork Body
2x12 Warbikes w/PK Nob
7 Bike Nobs w/the fixins
7 Tankbustas w/2 Hammers and some bomb squigs
Battlewagon with a Killcannon, deffrolla, and some other stuff.

1)      KP’s
2)      Recon (most units in the opponents deployment zone)
3)      Objectives (3)

So an all bike ork army against my list. My opponent took one look, said “Shit”, and then smiled and we got down to the game. I won the roll to go first so I deployed across my deployment zone with all my psycannons on the line for his BW with the Orange squad in reserve. He deployed like so:

Turn 1:

I shift slightly forward the units that are out of range of the BW on the right, keeping back enough to get a full shooting phase before his bikes hit me. I move the DK’s in front to block. I pop his battlewagon and kill two of the tankbustas with the explosion:

He moves forward 12” and opens fire. He drops a few purifiers and strikes.

Turn 2:

I move my DK’s up to flame his units and keep them close enough that he can’t maneuver through to hit my strike squads. My orange squad comes in in his deployment zone. I split them into combat squads with the hammer and four normal gk’s deploying behind the bikes on the right and the psycannon combat squad in range but off to the left. I then proceed to blast away. On the left he loses all but the nob:

On the right I kill 7/12 and he breaks and can’t recover:

I shoot down a few nobs but the big one is that one of the few models I kill happens to be his Waagh banner, bringing the nobz back to WS4.

On his turn he moves his single surviving nob from the bike squad on the right over to try and kill my 5 man psycannon team. He then does a wound from shooting on the DK and charges both DK’s. The DK’s kill a Waz and a few nobs. Each being knocked down to one wound but winning the combat. His nob unit breaks and I catch them.

Turn 3:

It takes another 3 rounds of CC to drop the nob biker but this turn I manage to finish his Tankbustas and that’s pretty much it.

Result: Win w/3 of 3 Objective (0 KP’s)

Overall it was a horrible match-up for my opponent and by far my easiest win of the tournament. There wasn’t anything he really could have done but he took it in great spirits, we had a bunch of laughs, and then he went to get a beer with the hour and fifty minutes that were left in the round.