Thursday, January 19, 2012

No MC List Update & Deathwing RTT Results

I know I’ve been quiet this week but it’s been a bit busy. I did get a practice game in with my Nid list seen here:

I learned quite a bit about how the army functions and supports itself. However the game was against foot orks where I made almost innumerable mistakes due to DoW and me not being familiar enough with how this type of Nid army functions. Basically I got soundly thrashed. The issue was not focusing my forces and hitting together. I should have accepted an extra turn of shooting for all of my units to hit together. Also Orks are ugly for this type of list with all the Klaws that are around and the sheer number of attacks it makes the multi-wound creatures far less survivable than normal.

A good start to experimenting with the list. I'll be considering stripping and repainting my Nids for competitive play once my current projects are done. Next up is against a Venom Spam DE so we’ll see how it goes J

I also ran this Deathwing list this last weekend at an RTT:

3xDeathwing Squads w/5xTH/SS & Cyclone
1xDeathwing Squad w/2xCF, 1xPW, Cyclone
1xDeathwing Squad w/5xTH/SS, Cyclone, Apothecary
2x3 Ravenwing w/2 Meltas, PF & MM Attack Bike

Worst performace for me at an RTT since last year right before Adepticon. I played against Sisters which I beat, a foot GK list which barely beat me, and another Deathwing list that eeked out a win. What were the odds that I’d face 2 foot lists? Not good which is part of what happened. The second is that the bike squadrons just don’t pull their weight. It’s unfortunate but it’s simply the case. They are too small to effectively make a difference outside of shooting, they are too small to survive solid shooting back, and now Attack Bikes don’t always count as scoring. All of which combines to tossing them out for more Terminators when I run this list again J

The RTT was a warm-up for the Darkstar GT that is coming up in February. And it turned out to be a rather decent size with 22 people. Fun side note the Deathwing player I lost to at the end of the event took overall (gorgeous army!) and Orks beat out GK’s for general. It was an interesting field showing less mech spam outside of IG and less netty builds. Overall it was a good time and highlighted some of the issues my current Deathwing build had.

I’ll see if I have any pictures of the Deathwing that beat me in the last round. God they were gorgeous!

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