Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Point Values And Army Building Thoughts

As I'm looking more and more lately at 1,850 lists because 3/4 GT's I'm considering attending between now and June are 1,850 events I thought "Hey, naturally everyone will want to read my thoughts". Also this post got me thinking as well:


I find it interesting that there isn't really a common ground or a basic point level for this game we love. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating that we set a point value I just felt that it was interesting that none had sprung up.

At this point there are really 3 point values that are generally use:


To mean 1,500pts is a great point value for running a 4 game RTT and would make for a fun large scale GT that was win/loss with 9 games. It can be a very fun and fast tournament using this point value. The only issue I have with the point value is that it limits list building which can make games a little boring. I will say I used to not be a fan of 1,500 (you can probably find me saying as much somewhere on this blog) but playing it regularly last year and my urge tranistion to win/loss tournaments means I see some of the appeal of 1,500pts now.

1,850 seems to be very popular here in the upper midwest. All 3 of the GT's within less than 8 hours drive for instance this year are 1,850. This means this point value is one that I'll probably be focusing on for the next few months. I'm left with little choice since that's what I'll be playing. I noticed last year that having played my Nids at 1,850 for so long I actually started to have trouble building 2k lists where as before I couldn't build an 1,850. It's interesting how point values affect your outlook on armies, units, and books.

Now 2,000 is by far my favorite point value. I feel at this point value everyone can bring all the tools they need. I feel like the game becomes far less match-up reliant (as in not reliant at all) and far more tactical. Some people will say it's to high because it allows everyone to get everything they want. In my opinion that's a good thing. It makes for the best lists from my opponents and the best games. Though I will say with the transition of more tournies to win/loss I doubt we'll see many tournies that aren't 2k switch to it.

All of this was basically to because I was randomly thinking about it and realized that most of my lists over the next few months were going to be 1,850. Check out the site for some upcoming additions soon. I'm pretty excited about them.