Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1st Company Goes to War! - Bugeater Game 5

So this weekend I headed down to the Bugeater GT in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a great event and here are two quick links: 

So I ran my newest painted army. My Deathwing which had:

Upgraded DW Squad w/Apoth, Banner, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC, Cyclone
3xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 5xTH&SS
1xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 4xTH&SS, 1 LC
2xDW Squad w/Cyclone, 2xChainfist, 2xPowerfist, 1xPower Sword

Round 5

Deployment: Dawn of War
Objectives: Table Quarters(T), Objectives(S), Kill Points(P)
The 5 Objectives were placed Nova Style

Opponent: Charles Young

Imperial Guard
Straken Command Squad w/3 Melta, 2 Bodyguards, Standard, Chimera
CCS w/4 Plasma, Plasma Pistol, Chimera
Veteran Squad w/3 Melta
Veteran Squad w/Harker, 3 Plasma, Demolitions
PCS w/4 Flamers, Chimera
3xIF w/Missile Launcher, 1 Commissar
2 Leman Russ

Well we roll and I'm going first. I pick the side I'm already on and deploy my two shooty squads on the middle line in the area terrain in the middle of the board. I DWA w/Belial and friends and prepare to walk everyone else onto the table. He deploys his blobbed squad on the hill in the upper right and prepares to walk everyone on. He fails to seize and we're off.

Turn 1:

I move my troops onto the table across the back. I deepstrike Belial squad forward of my "Tac" squads. Everyone runs except for the "Tac" squads which open fire and put a decent hurt on his combined squad. He made his leadership checks and it was his turn.

He moves on. His Battle tanks move up behind his platoon. In the center Straken, the CCS, Harkers Squad, and the Melta Vet squad roll on in front of Belial. The Manticore moves on in the left corner with the hydra moving in front of it. The PCS's chimer moves up as well. He positions his Banewolf for some turn 2 nastiness. Charlie opens fire and lays into Belials squad. Only Belial survives and with only 2 of his 3 wounds.

Turn 2:

I run Belial at his Chimera's and Harkers squad so I can decide in the assault phase what I'm going after. I move the rest of my units up and open fire. I manage to Stun and immobolize his plasma CCS chimera but do no other damage.

Belial charges Harkers squad since there are only 4 left after the shooting phase. I kill one guy and take a wound so we push....

He moves his Banewolf forward and starts shooting. He kills off 4/5 of one tac squad (leaving a chainfist) and 2/5 of the other Tac Squad. I kill one more model from Harkers squad and he naturally makes the leadership test.

Turn 3:

So I move up. Shifting my 3 man squad over to charge his Banewolf if I have to and shift the single stormbolter/chainfist model slightly back hoping to preserve him. Everyone else continues to push foward and I start shooting. I kill his PCS chimera to remove his ability to threaten distance objectives. I take out his Banewolf and make Straken walk by popping his Chimera too. Seems my shooting is one phase doing nothing, next phase blow up stuff with every other unit.  At least it's consistant.

Oh, and Belial and Harkers squad both whiff so I'm still in Combat....

Charlie moves Straken back to bail out Harkers squad. He also polishes off my two Tac squads, leaving me with 20/36 terminators after this turn. Heres a shot of dudes who don't suck in CC:

Turn 4-6:

Over the course of the next 3 turns (sorry forgot photos as the game got really close and I don't remember which turns what happened since it's been over a week now) I manage to hammer down both his Leman Russes, Strakens squad, and finish off the platoon. Due to repeated epic missile shooting and tons of 5+ saves from my opponent I was unable to kill harder or the plasma CCS. He does manage to knock out all but 3 of my terminator squads and leaves 1 with just a single dude in it. I manage to win on KP's and table quarters but we tie on Objectives so I get 18/25.

It was a hell of a good game and Charlie was an awesome opponent. Not to mention his army was ridiculously awesome. Here are some photos that while, I'm a shitty photographer, should still show the awesomeness of his army!

I was definitely impressive. Thanks for driving down from Colorado and bringing this army Charlie!