Monday, July 18, 2011

Nova Invitational/Open Update

Well as most of you know I’m a bit of a loon for armies. I have a tendency to jump back, forth, and across the spectrum all based on whims of what might be fun or randomly sounds good. I’ve basically got the attention span of a gnat inside of our hobby which can be a good thing (tons of painted armies and stuff) but can also be a bad thing (never quite practice enough with a given list). However for the Nova Invitational I’m trying very, very hard to settle in on a single army and I think I finally found one that fits all my criteria for the event.

First things first I’m sure most of you know that the Nova Invitational is a 32-man, 5 Game Tournament being held on Friday before the main GT at the Nova Open. It’s 1,750 points and it’s straight w/l which will leave a single person undefeated at the end of the event. This undefeated person will walk away with $1,000 in cash. The other $1,000 will be going to the Ren. Man for the event which will consist of equal parts painting and battle.

Now this event is going to have a fair number of the big kids across the country playing in it in addition to several others that have won or placed extremely high in at least one major GT. So it’s going to be nasty but in a fun and intense sort of way. That being said I’ve decided to attempt to hedge my bets and create a well painted/converted force to give me the best shot at Ren. Man in case I miss the mark one game. I’m not too worried about putting my list out there for people to see before the event but since it’s still in its tweaking stage I’m not going to put it up yet. I will be posting works in progress of some of my conversions and my painting as the event gets closer so keep an eye out.

Second things second I’m in a bit of a quandary about my Nova Open list. I’m torn between taking an upscaled version of what I’m likely to be running for the Invitational or running my standard Wolves which are……solid, to say the least. This also comes down to hedging my bets. I have zero intention of painting my “Wolves” up to any higher of a standard then they currently are which places them generally in the top 25%. This means that I’m likely out Ren. Man from the start since the army won’t be painted to that high of a standard. However it’s by far the nastiest list I’ve ever created and still has yet to be beaten on the table top. All that being said I’m thinking my newest army is at least close to as solid and should end up being prettier with more of a “wow” factor. So again I’m torn, go tried and true or take the ramped up invitational list?

On a side note I’m looking for people relatively local (Minneapolis/St. Paul) to playtest against. I know of only one local who reads this for sure as he comments regularly but I’m open to getting some games in over the next few weeks at 1,750 against your nastiest lists since there is only 1-2 tournaments before Nova and only one is at 1,750 so I need some practice. Email the blog email or post in the thread if you’d like to get some games in.